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Rodent Prognosticator Decrees Six More Weeks of Winter – We Agree

Remember back in late November, December and early January when we saw those fast-moving frontal systems along the U.S./Canadian border? They were strong and cold but they moved so fast that significant snow accumulation was not an issue and the way they were structured prevented the really cold air from sweeping down into (most of) the Lower 48. Now we’re seeing a significantly slower flow pattern during the past few weeks over North America and it looks like this trend will continue into February.

Long-Term U.S. Winter Forecast on Track: Rainy NW, Mild-ish NE, Tepid South

ImpactWeather updates its 30-day outlooks by the 15th of each month. As that was yesterday, YourWeatherBlog asked ImpactWeather’s long-range meteorologist Fred Schmude for his thoughts. The latest long-range data favors a continued elevated (more northerly) flow pattern as we move into February. Additionally, the faster flow pattern will not be on the same scale as […]

A Fairly Long Look At What Will Probably Be A Very Long Winter – 27-minute recorded webinar

On Tuesday, ImpactWeather StormWatch Manager and long-range forecast authority Fred Schmude presented a detailed look at what we expect around the country over the next several months.  The presentation was made as part of the year-long series of business continuity webinars that ImpactWeather is hosting on behalf of the Association of Contingency Planners.  You can […]

Foreshadow: Does Early Snow Equal More Snow More Often?

The buzz in my neighborhood, now that the Halloween candy stockpiles have lost their sparkle, is the coming winter weather. Houston is full of people just like me who are northern transplants down here who miss the snow and the cold, but are happy that — for the most part — a winter on the Gulf Coast is tame and fairly mild. Still, the possibility of snow sets this town in an uproar almost as much as the possibility of the Texans going to the Super Bowl. Could it be possible, because of last weekend’s early and record-breaking snowfall, North America has been primed for an unusually cold and snowy winter?

Extreme and Unsettled Winter Expected; Winter Weather Outlook Update Webinar Nov. 15th

The calendar says winter doesn’t start for 6 more weeks but that’s of wee comfort to the hundreds of thousands still without power from last week’s historic snow and rain storms throughout the Northeast U.S.  2011 has been a wild, record-breaking and oftentimes tragic year for weather.  Will the upcoming winter prove just as turbulent?  […]

Winter Season Outlook Webinar and Some Recent Business Continuity Highlights

This Wednesday, October 26th at 1:00C/2:00 Eastern, Agility Recovery welcomes ImpactWeather StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude as he shares the long-range winter weather outlook for the 2011-2012 Season.  Following Mr. Schmude, Agility’s senior continuity manager Mark Norton will also provide tips and best practices to mitigate the risks associated with winter weather.  Register here and share it.  […]

Mark Next Wednesday: Winter Weather Outlook + Preparing Your Business for the Winter Weather Season

Join us next Wednesday, October 26th at 2:00C/3:00E for a long-range look at Winter 2011-2012 as well as a rundown on how you can help your organization prepare for the winter weather season.  In 16 minutes or fewer, ImpactWeather’s StormWatch manager Fred Schmude will provide an extremely detailed, region-by-region look at not only what to […]

Nor’easter Threat? Doubtful…For Most

In true Nor’easter fashion, a winter storm (or, in this case, pre-winter storm) can just explode when it reaches the Gulf Stream off the Mid-Atlantic Coast as the contrast in temperatures (cold storm, warm waters) allows the bottom to fall out of the low and central pressures to plummet. From there, and if the upper flow is right, the strengthening low is then driven up the coast effecting every place from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Cape Cod, to Nova Scotia, to Newfoundland with battering winds, torrential rain and — if cold enough — blizzard conditions.

Long-Range Winter Weather Forecast? We’ve Got It

This morning we hosted the first of four monthly, 20-minute webinars on what the U.S. can expect this winter.  I’m inclined to elaborate but that just about says it all.  Oh, except that it was hosted by 20-year hurricane expert AND severe winter weather forecast veteran Fred Schmude.  And as ImpactWeather clients well know, Schmude […]