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Significant Snow Alert on the First (Full) Day of Spring

But it’s the so-far unending progression of snow storm after snow storm moving across the mid-section of the U.S. that is gathering the headlines and with the next penciled-in for this weekend there will be many more headlines to come.

“ENOUGH,” Says New England But More Snow is on the Way

The pattern is an interesting one, as a look at ImpactWeather’s “Day One” image to the left indicates. Not one, but two low pressure areas are combining to draw abundant moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, abundant moisture from the Atlantic and abundant cold from the northern regions of Canada.

Complex Pattern Keeps East Coast Forecast Less Than Certain

It’s a complicated pattern as the Plains low follows quickly on the heels of a low pressure area now moving off to Nova Scotia as it brings snow to New England. Additionally, an area of strong high pressure moves into eastern Canada by the end of the week; it’s position and strength will directly influence the track of the low as it reaches the Mid-Atlantic in 72 hours time.

Where’s Your Jacket? October Chill Fast on the Way

Not only did I contemplate grabbing a jacket this morning (the first time this season), but I spent this past weekend vastly unprepared for the weather that descended upon northeast Texas. Not a good thing for the local meteorologist, but I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with the consequences of leaving the house unprepared for the cold or the rain (friends can be merciless in their taunting!).