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Birth of a Nor’easter?

The influx of this cold air could spell an ice storm for the South, from north-central Louisiana eastward through central Georgia and coastal South Carolina. Meanwhile, just to the north of the ice, heavy snow may accumulate from southern Arkansas (midday Sunday) through North Carolina (Tuesday). A noted side benefit of this system: drought relief. The projected path of precipitation will fall precisely where it’s needed most right now.

Thundersnow. Really?

If you consider what a thunderstorm is and how it forms, then you shouldn’t be surprised that thundersnow exists. Perhaps you should be surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

Thick Ice Kills Fish in German Lake

Thick ice blanketed Rangsdorf Lake in Germany, which is just south of Berlin, this winter which ended up starving the water of oxygen and is responsible for killing more than 300 tonnes of fish. The thick ice, which covered the lake for a long period of time, blocked all sunlight from getting to the water. […]

Strong Low Brings Snow to the UK

It’s officially springtime in the UK, but winter is still making an appearance this week as a strong low pressure system brings blizzard conditions, strong to gale-force winds and heavy rains to portions of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England. Up to 48,000 homes across Northern Ireland are without power due to the storm.   […]

Another Round of Snow for Wyoming and Colorado Today

Another round of snow is expected across portions of Wyoming and Colorado today as a low pressure system pushes across the Rockies and into the Southern Plains. Snowfall amounts of up to 9 inches will be possible with isolated heavier amounts into the higher elevations. Of course this next round of winter weather only comes […]

The Last Frost and Your Garden

Spring is less than two weeks away and like many of you, I’m ready for the warmer weather. This has been one of the snowiest winters on record for parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, including Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  Even the southern U.S. broke snowfall records with the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport recording […]

Southern Snow Again

Once again there’s a flow from the Pacific Ocean to southern California, to the Southwest, to Texas. Once again, El Niño-fueled storms are bringing rain and snow to the southern 1/3 of the United States. And once again cold and snow are pushing unusually far south into Texas. Snow and sleet are expected to increase […]

Winter Hitting Mid-Stride

Cold weather over North America often has its source region over the plateaus of Siberia in central Russia. Long-range forecasters look not just to Canada, but to Siberia for answers to "Just how cold will this winter be?" Under strong high pressure and sitting atop snow and ice, the cold air pools over the Siberian […]

Snow From Top to Bottom

Recent posts here on YourWeatherBlog have mentioned how London and Paris have exceeded their average annual snowfall of about 10 inches, and there is still plenty of winter to go. We found this wonderful image of a snow-covered Britain and thought you would enjoy it as much as we do! Photo: Jan 7, 2010. NASA/GSFC, […]

Highs, Lows and Snows

With winter in full swing across the Northern Hemisphere and the USA beginning to undergo a major Arctic outbreak of record-breaking temperatures, it’s worth noting where the cold and snow are consistent companions year after year. U.S. cities with the coldest daily average high temperature (Jan & Feb): Milwaukee, Wisconsin:                 31.2 F Chicago, Illinois:                                […]