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Nor’easter Even Stronger

More snow. And not just more snow but MORE snow. Yesterday’s StormWatch graphics indicated an impressive band of 12+ inches from the New York Tri-State through New England. Today, 18+ inches is indicated across southern New England and perhaps even Long Island (depending on the exact storm track). This morning’s indicators suggest a low pressure […]

Texas Low to Nor’easter in Just 30 Hours

The low pressure area that was in northeastern Texas this morning is expected to be off the coast of New England by later tomorrow. It’s a fast-moving storm system, and that’s a good thing. Should it slow, snowfall amounts from the South to New England would be significantly larger.

Significant Winter Storm: Central Plains to the Northeast

Storm Development Outlook. A large upper-level storm system will combine with a southward moving cold front resulting in a risk of locally heavy snow from the northern High Plains of eastern Wyoming, western South Dakota, and Nebraska south and east into the Midwest and middle Mississippi River Valley on Wednesday. Snow will then sink further south into the Southern Plains of eastern Kansas, northern Oklahoma, and Ozark Mountain regions of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri on Wednesday night before the entire low pressure system pushes to the east into the Tennessee Valley on Thursday. Snow accumulations through midday Thursday will generally range from 3 to 5 inches in most locations across these regions; however, a swath of 6-inch snow accumulations will be possible from central Nebraska through northeastern Kansas, and northern/central Missouri. This includes the Kansas City and St. Louis metropolitan areas.

Plains Snow Storm to Become Next Nor’easter

Temperatures and an upper-level storm system tied to a surface low pressure center will quickly move from the central Plains to off the coast of the Northeast between Wednesday and Friday while transitioning from a Plains and Midwest snowstorm to a nor’easter — the third nor’easter in about three week’s time.

Nor’easter Threat? Doubtful…For Most

In true Nor’easter fashion, a winter storm (or, in this case, pre-winter storm) can just explode when it reaches the Gulf Stream off the Mid-Atlantic Coast as the contrast in temperatures (cold storm, warm waters) allows the bottom to fall out of the low and central pressures to plummet. From there, and if the upper flow is right, the strengthening low is then driven up the coast effecting every place from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Cape Cod, to Nova Scotia, to Newfoundland with battering winds, torrential rain and — if cold enough — blizzard conditions.

Three’s a Charm

The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season, at least the second half of it, continues to remain active. Look no further than today’s satellite imagery to see Karl, Igor and Julia which are all classified as hurricanes. Three active storms at the same time is unusual, but not without precedent. Four active storms is another story! In […]

Latest: Volcanic Ash

Aviation Weather Today, the video series highlighting significant aviation weather issues for aircrews, flight departments and those with an interest in global aviation weather, is moving into an enhanced production schedule to bring the most up-to-date information on the volcanic ash cloud spreading across the North Atlantic and northwestern Europe. Enhanced productions will be online […]

All-Time Snowfall Records Expected to Fall

Who would’ve guessed that on the first day of spring (tomorrow), all-time snowfall records would be in jeopardy in places like Oklahoma City and Tulsa? Oklahoma City needs just over four inches to break their all-time seasonal snowfall record, Tulsa needs eight inches. Springfield, MO is actually right about normal for the year but if they […]

Latest: Snow Storm In the Plains

Significant snow is on target for the Plains and the Middle Mississippi River Valley as we head into this first day and first weekend of spring. (15283 KB) Watch on posterous

Spring Snow Storm Comes to the Plains

(12020 KB) Watch on posterous