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Brad Pitt May Save Your Life: Making a Case for Twitter

There’s another app you should have on your phone. The app you need, the app that may save your life, and the app that is on every phone of every celebrity, is Twitter. Yes, Twitter. If you’re over 45 or 50, I’ll wait until you can say Twitter without chuckling.

Shortest Day Today: A Signal to Santa?

Interesting concept, yes? Maybe, way up north at Santa’s workshop, Santa needs a sure-fire method of knowing when it’s time to deliver the toys. You know, in case his watch runs down or the electricity fails or the elves hide the calendar. He certainly can’t use falling leaves or the tides. Would the winter solstice, […]

Social Media, Its Impact on Emergencies . . . And Vice-Versa

YourWeatherBlog has been around for a while now – in fact, Lauren’s post on Friday was YWB post number 450 – and after that much time and experience, you pick up a few pointers about productive posting.  One of those points is:  Don’t blog about other blogs. Except for today, and with kudos to Mashable.  […]

Eyjafjallajökull: Stamp Your Ash

Though it’s not dead yet, officials from the Iceland Post company have moved forward with the issuance of three postal stamps commemorating the recent eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. The stamps are silk-screened with ink containing silica ash taken from the eruption (of which there is no shortage). On March 20 of this year the […]