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Significant Severe Weather Event Next Week

The ImpactWeather StormWatch team has identified a significant threat of severe weather beginning late this weekend and into early next week. Keyword: Significant.

2,000 Tornadoes for the U.S. This Year? Seasonal Forecast Highlights Potential Impact on Your Business [25-min. video]

ImpactWeather produced our monthly weather outlook for our clients this morning, a 25-minute look at the next few months and an early peak into the tropical season.  A few items really stuck out – such as the fact that it’s been a warmer winter in the U.S. but not really anywhere else in the world […]

Busy Weather Week . . . Both on Earth and Elsewhere

Winter to the west, summer to the east…dangerous day in the middle.

Severe Weather Today: March is a Lion – For Now

Although the cold front in the central U.S. will bring snow to the western Great Lakes today and though we still have more than two weeks of winter (vernal equinox: March 20), we’re dealing with a major springtime — rather than wintertime — storm system. Actually, you won’t find the definition “Springtime Storm System” in […]

U.S. Weather: Bumpy Travel Week, Potential for Business Disruptions

ImpactWeather StormWatch Domestic Supervisor Mike Venske weighs in on what we can expect from Mother Nature. The primary threats this week will be centered over the Gulf Coast, Tennessee Valley and Deep South as a slow-moving area of upper-level low pressure interacts with increasing Gulf moisture producing areas of locally heavy rainfall which will likely […]

Violent Weather La Niña’s Fault? And What About Hurricane Season?

Part II: Yesterday, I talked about the weird weather we’ve been having lately – record tornadoes, record floods, late season snows, late season record lows. What’s going on? Does all this portend of more to come? Does it mean a more active hurricane season? Are there factors leading to the expected active hurricane season which are to blame for all of this unusually active/weird weather? ImpactWeather’s StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude helps shed some light on the situation.

Anatomy of a Tornado—Why So Destructive?

My thoughts are still with those who lost love ones and their homes in the tornado outbreak a few weeks ago across the South. As most of us along the coast are gearing up for Hurricane Season to officially begin on June 1st, all of us need to remember that severe weather can occur anywhere […]

Elevated Risk of Tornadoes and Damaging Winds…Once Again, Rain Everywhere But Where It’s Needed

We’ve certainly seen our share of severe weather across the eastern half of the country the past few weeks. This week is no different as a strong upper level disturbance will combine with a series of low pressure systems and interact with warm, moist, and unstable air to produce an elevated risk of strong to […]

Deadly Storms Rip through the South—This Week Looks Active, Too

A powerful storm system rolled through the southern U.S. this weekend killing at least 45 people across six states (21 were in North Carolina). When the storm moved through Sanford, which is about 40 miles south of Raleigh, it ripped the steel roof right off of a Lowe’s store and flattened the front of the […]

Deadly Storms Rock Winter in the North and Spring in the South

Here we are in the middle of April and it’s snowing across parts of the Northern Plains/Upper Midwest. It’s days like this I’m glad I live in the south where temperatures this afternoon in the Houston area will reach the mid 80’s. This isn’t the case across parts of the Plains where temperatures today will […]