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Weather Hating on Wildflowers?

I was in Katy, TX just the other day and as I was getting on the interstate I noticed all of the beautiful bluebonnets lining some of the banks under the overpasses. You might not know this but the bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. These are annual flowers that usually blossom towards the […]

Everything’s Bigger In Texas…Even the Drought!

Here in the Lone Star State we’re in one of our worst droughts in 44 years. This is a huge problem since we are the largest U.S. cattle producer and the second-largest winter wheat grower. According to State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon, we’ve received only 4.7 inches (12 centimeters) of rain on average from October through […]

Hate to Sound Like a Broken Record, But Records are Breaking

Flurries (northern Metro Houston) and sleet (coastal areas near Galveston) have already been reported this morning. This afternoon though is when the precipitation should begin in earnest with accumulations in some areas nearing five inches of snow by tomorrow morning and other areas accumulating 1/4-inch of ice or perhaps even more.

Nor’easter: 12-Inch Snow Swath

Yet another nor’easter is taking aim on the Northeast with, yet again, significant snow in the offing. However, some uncertainty remains in the forecast as the low, still in the Gulf of Mexico, may push a bit farther off the East Coast than presently thought.

Leonid by Mistake

If you’ve not witnessed the Leonids before, plan to be amazed. If you have, then you know to grab a jacket and a comfortable chair because the show lasts a good long time. Astronomers expect 15-20 meteors per hour during the peak.

Anniversaries and “It Just Takes One”

Perhaps the media is a bit behind the curve, but I think most government agencies with public safety in mind have caught on and are spreading the word: It just takes one storm. It’s not about the number of storms expected. It’s not about a busy season or a quiet season. It’s about being prepared […]

Blackouts: Par for the Course

I was listening to the radio a few days ago and the news anchor was talking about rolling blackouts due to the excessive heat in many areas of the country. “Here we go again,” I thought. After all, it’s the first week in August and we’ve seen this before. Seems California and the East Coast […]

It’s Raining WHAT?!

Raining marijuana? In a new spin on Depression-era song “Pennies from Heaven,” residents of the east Texas town of Caddo Mills are wondering if they should keep looking to the sky or begin planning the party. It started early Monday morning when local police were alerted to a low-flying airplane, which was later found abandoned […]

Southern Snow: The Latest

A developing low pressure now moving eastward across the Southwest will collide with cold Canadian air as the low pushes eastward. Already snowing in western regions this morning, snowfall will move east with the low. We expect snow in central Texas tomorrow, perhaps flurries as far south as Houston tomorrow afternoon, then draw to a […]

Southern Snow Again

Once again there’s a flow from the Pacific Ocean to southern California, to the Southwest, to Texas. Once again, El Niño-fueled storms are bringing rain and snow to the southern 1/3 of the United States. And once again cold and snow are pushing unusually far south into Texas. Snow and sleet are expected to increase […]