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Your Preparedness Status: No Emergency Yet

This is the time for preparation. This is even the time to learn how to prepare. There’s still time. For some of us there will always be time to prepare but there are always those for whom time runs out. There are always those who say tomorrow is the day they’ll begin to prepare. There are always those who believe it will happen to somebody else but never to them.

The Drought of 2012 Just Getting Started, Explained With Empathy

I have tremendous empathy for the drought-stricken residents of the Midwest and Mississippi River Valley regions. It was only last year that so much of Texas, including my part of Texas (Houston), was experiencing the exact same thing: temperatures so hot it was literally dangerous to spend more then just a few minutes outside, air […]

Update: Severe Weather Still On-Track for the Plains

In Tuesday’s YourWeatherBlog, I wrote that a significant severe weather threat is beginning to take shape for the southern and central Plains this coming weekend and early next week. With this update, I’m confirming that the severe weather is still on track and still on target. Every weather event comes more into focus as the […]

Foreshadow: Does Early Snow Equal More Snow More Often?

The buzz in my neighborhood, now that the Halloween candy stockpiles have lost their sparkle, is the coming winter weather. Houston is full of people just like me who are northern transplants down here who miss the snow and the cold, but are happy that — for the most part — a winter on the Gulf Coast is tame and fairly mild. Still, the possibility of snow sets this town in an uproar almost as much as the possibility of the Texans going to the Super Bowl. Could it be possible, because of last weekend’s early and record-breaking snowfall, North America has been primed for an unusually cold and snowy winter?

Endless Summer FINALLY Drawing to a Close

The endless summer — 2011. It’s been a wild ride with earthquakes, floods, wildfires, drought and heat. It may be that despite all the weather features that grabbed the headlines this past summer, it will be the heat that is remembered for generations to come. And the drought. (Not to mention the dreadful spring season […]

Texas Continues to Burn, Mostly Out of Control

The out-of-control forest fires are close enough to Houston that we can smell the smoke (Bastrop State Park in the photo below is about 110 miles northwest of Houston). In Magnolia, a nearby and popular escape from urban Houston, thousands of acres have been consumed by fire. In the state’s capital, wildfires have forced thousands […]

Quiet in the Tropics? Bite Your Tongue!

Though it seems quiet, the ImpactWeather TropicsWatch team is keeping a watchful eye on four active disturbances and one suspect area on Africa’s West Coast. Additionally, areas like the eastern Caribbean, the western Tropical Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico are climatological hot spots for development, while the peak of hurricane season (September 10th) draws closer every day.

The New “Texas T” – Thunderstorms

As the magical pattern change takes shape, the forecast is more in focus yet the rain is by no means guaranteed. Wait — let me rephrase that: the rain for most is by no means guaranteed. It will rain in Texas — how much, when and exactly where remains in question.

Rain in Drought Stricken Texas?

On the heels of yesterday’s blog post (Wednesday’s, too) about the flooding and the flooding-to-come for the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, comes this: Rain in southern Texas by mid-May. No fooling.

Possible Texas Drought Relief…But Now Europe Is Worried

Wildfires continue to burn across the great state of Texas and unfortunately it now appears conditions are getting worse. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor’s report this morning, the entire state is now under at least a moderate drought while 92% has reached severe drought status. Houston is the largest city in Texas and is […]