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Rain in Drought Stricken Texas?

On the heels of yesterday’s blog post (Wednesday’s, too) about the flooding and the flooding-to-come for the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, comes this: Rain in southern Texas by mid-May. No fooling.

Who Says it’s an Epic Flood? Good Question!

No doubt, there’s a lot going on these days. What with Osama, the stealth copter, the record-breaking tornado outbreak (and now, recovery), as well as gas prices, Trump and the economy, there’s seems little room within the headlines for the epic flooding now occurring along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

Flooding: No Respite

Over the next several days, weather more quiet in nature will take hold over much of the United States as the upper-level flow pattern weakens. However, the story that will continue to make headlines into next week will be the ongoing flood situation across the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys.

Major Cold Front: Tornadoes Likely

A strong low pressure system and cold front will move from eastward across the central and eastern U.S. today and tomorrow bringing a risk of strong-to-severe thunderstorms with locally heavy rainfall, frequent lightning, strong, gusty winds and isolated tornadoes.

March Goes Out Like a Lion

Significant snow, severe thunderstorms, even tornadoes are possible across the U.S. today and tomorrow. The next week and a half will include dramatic weather in many areas as cold air from the north collides with warm, humid air in the South.

Heavy Snow Moving Into Central Plains

Another significant winter weather event is under way and will dive south and east across the Rockies, Plains, and portions of the Mississippi River Valley through the middle of the week. This will bring an increased risk of moderate-to-heavy accumulations of snow, some mixed wintry precipitation to the south, and gusty winds associated with the strong low pressure center.

Hate to Sound Like a Broken Record, But Records are Breaking

Flurries (northern Metro Houston) and sleet (coastal areas near Galveston) have already been reported this morning. This afternoon though is when the precipitation should begin in earnest with accumulations in some areas nearing five inches of snow by tomorrow morning and other areas accumulating 1/4-inch of ice or perhaps even more.

The Beginning of Those “I Remember When” Stories

Rolling blackouts are what we awoke to this morning in Houston. The outdoor thermometer read 26° and the power companies are struggling to keep pace with demand. The house was still warm and it certainly wasn’t the end of the world — this New England Yankee can handle some cold! But my cats seemed to […]

Winter Wallop Happening Now

It’s all coming together in dramatic fashion today as record snowfall threatens not only such places as Chicago who are accustomed to heavy snowfall, but places like Houston and perhaps even Corpus Christi where measurable snowfall is a rarity. Accompanying the snow, strong winds and frigid temperatures where in the South especially, temperatures will not just dip low, they dip low and stay there for several days. Wind chill readings of -20 and colder will be common.

Another Historically Cold February On Tap — Starting Now

Snow, ice, wind, cold, prolonged cold. It’s all in the near future for many areas not used to seeing such weather extremes.