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Coming Soon: El Niño and the Tornado

At the risk of making YourWeatherBlog begin to sound like YourElNiñoBlog, I wanted to tie the two main weather features of the coming couple of months into one sentence: El Niño will likely enhance the spring severe weather season with more frequent storms, stronger storms and more tornadoes. Tornadoes can generate wind speeds of 250mph […]

Indian Heat Starting Early

As warm, dry air blows in from the deserts of western Asia, cloud-free days across northern India are warming into the first heat wave of the season. Temperatures over 100F were recorded in many areas yesterday and the next few days look equally warm — if not more so. As noted on satellite imagery below, […]

The Last Frost and Your Garden

Spring is less than two weeks away and like many of you, I’m ready for the warmer weather. This has been one of the snowiest winters on record for parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, including Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  Even the southern U.S. broke snowfall records with the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport recording […]