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You Think it’s Quiet, but it’s Actually Unprecedented

We are in uncharted territory with respect to lack of severe weather. This has never happened in the record of SPC watches dating back to 1970.

When is Tornado Season? Every Day

One only has to look to the news over the past few weeks to see outbreaks of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes: Tornadoes in Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, and Florida to name a few. Nationwide, the United States can expect an average of more than 1,000 tornadoes annually.

Texas Drought Blamed For Extraordinary Wind Storm

Earlier this week, an incredible wind storm affected the southeastern U.S. and some electric providers are saying it’s one of the worst in terms of power outages in years. In addition, the Storm Prediction Center received a whopping 1,245 wind damage reports in a 24-hour period.  Wind damage reports are shown in blue. Image: Storm […]