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The Weather App Trap: Can You Make Decisions Using Weather Apps?

Your app can’t call you to say bad weather is on the way. It can’t give you a heads-up that it’s going to snow or that the bottom of the thermometer is going to fall out or that thunderstorms may shut down your operations in six hours.

Brad Pitt May Save Your Life: Making a Case for Twitter

There’s another app you should have on your phone. The app you need, the app that may save your life, and the app that is on every phone of every celebrity, is Twitter. Yes, Twitter. If you’re over 45 or 50, I’ll wait until you can say Twitter without chuckling.

Warnings Can Only Do So Much; The Rest is Up to – Who?

Even the most accurate and reliable weather forecast or warning is useless if it falls on deaf ears or into still hands. Who can afford to take the chance that, with warning in hand, nothing will happen or that no action needs to be taken?