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Naughty or Nice, You Might Be in for Some Rocky Weather Tonight or Tomorrow

It’s all over the news: Christmas Day weather is going to be, well – a mixed bag. From a highly probably white Christmas in parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas, to blizzards and cold in the Plains to yet another strong winter storm pushing into the Pacific Northwest and lingering snow in New England, it really feels like Christmas for much of the country. However, it’s the severe weather potential — including tornadoes — from Texas to Alabama that has residents of those states wondering if such a thing could really happen on Christmas Day. The answer unfortunately, is that yes, it can happen on Christmas Day and in some places, likely will happen on Christmas Day.

Update 2: Warning About Severe Weather in the Plains

Today’s post is not to bring you up-to-speed on these meteorological events from the beginning, but rather to continue the warning about the potentially deadly weather situation beginning to form across the infamous Tornado Alley over the coming 72 hours.

Update: Severe Weather Still On-Track for the Plains

In Tuesday’s YourWeatherBlog, I wrote that a significant severe weather threat is beginning to take shape for the southern and central Plains this coming weekend and early next week. With this update, I’m confirming that the severe weather is still on track and still on target. Every weather event comes more into focus as the […]

Significant Severe Weather Event Next Week

The ImpactWeather StormWatch team has identified a significant threat of severe weather beginning late this weekend and into early next week. Keyword: Significant.

2,000 Tornadoes for the U.S. This Year? Seasonal Forecast Highlights Potential Impact on Your Business [25-min. video]

ImpactWeather produced our monthly weather outlook for our clients this morning, a 25-minute look at the next few months and an early peak into the tropical season.  A few items really stuck out – such as the fact that it’s been a warmer winter in the U.S. but not really anywhere else in the world […]

“Mini Tornado” – Is That Like a Small Great White Shark? A Word About Accurate Weather Reporting

Terms like “mini tornado” or “weak tornado” leave me a little baffled. I mean, that’s like saying “little great white shark” or “little stealth bomber” — using the term “little” doesn’t much change your circumstances. As a meteorologist however, I know there are indeed tornadoes of varying degree. In fact, the Enhanced Fujita Scale is used to classify tornadoes from F0 to F5. The scale represents increasing degrees of damage based on the estimation of wind speeds and post-storm surveys of damage. So yes, “weak tornado” is a valid term and one that can be defined, but that doesn’t mean you want one to visit your neighborhood.

Busy Weather Week . . . Both on Earth and Elsewhere

Winter to the west, summer to the east…dangerous day in the middle.

Spring and (More) Severe Weather Coming: Mark Your Calendar

Now once again, severe weather indicators are pointing to a major severe weather outbreak early next week.

Severe Spring Weather Outlook Webinar, Free This Thursday

On behalf of the Association of Contingency Planners, ImpactWeather is hosting a free (and commercial-free, too) 20-minute presentation of our outlook for the spring weather season this Thursday morning, March 8th at 10:30 Central.  Register here or via the link on the ACP website. Many parts of the U.S. have seen tragically violent weather in […]

Severe Weather Today: March is a Lion – For Now

Although the cold front in the central U.S. will bring snow to the western Great Lakes today and though we still have more than two weeks of winter (vernal equinox: March 20), we’re dealing with a major springtime — rather than wintertime — storm system. Actually, you won’t find the definition “Springtime Storm System” in […]