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Katla Volcano: “Should I Stay or Should I Blow?” Major Eruption May Be Imminent

Presently, “Should I Blow?” might be answered with a resounding “Yes!” in the near future. Although volcanologists and seismologists can trace the current period of Katla unrest to 1999 and even a couple of times over the past year tremors and earthquakes have spurred concern of an imminent eruption, the current level of unrest is quite high. In fact, after a long period of magnitude-three tremors, a magnitude-four quake was detected last week.

Quake: New Zealand and the Hikurangi Trough

The strong and very shallow quake was located at 43.59S and 172.71E, or about three miles north northwest of Christchurch. The depth of the focus was estimated to be only about 3 miles deep. Strong seismic aftershocks between 4.5 and 5.5 on the Richter Scale will likely occur over the next two to three weeks as the initial break in the Earth’s crust slowly reaches equilibrium. Buildings already weakened by the initial strong quake could collapse with those additional strong aftershocks.

Arkansas: Magma On The Move?

Is magma near the surface of the earth a bit more “anxious” near Conway, Arkansas these days? Magma, a molten-rock mixture of gas and solids, is always on the move, but when it’s a bit more active than normal it can cause tremors (aka: earthquakes). Such is the case near Guy, Arkansas (near Conway). The […]

If Nobody Felt It, Did It Occur?

It’s possible that yesterday’s Norman quake could be considered a foreshock.