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“The Lion King” was right: We are all connected in the great circle of…weather

In my opinion, The Lion King is arguably one of the best animated motion pictures (and Broadway plays) of all time. After many years of watching the Hamlet-based movie as a child and recently with my young niece, there are still life (and business) lessons to be learned. Whether it’s to be patient with a […]

Your Preparedness Status: No Emergency Yet

This is the time for preparation. This is even the time to learn how to prepare. There’s still time. For some of us there will always be time to prepare but there are always those for whom time runs out. There are always those who say tomorrow is the day they’ll begin to prepare. There are always those who believe it will happen to somebody else but never to them.

Lessons from Superstorm Sandy: What Should We Do Differently Before The Next Big One? [Free Webinar]

In response to the tremendous impact of hurricane Sandy in October, next week ImpactWeather will host a free webinar to address some of the most important aspects of the storm as well as key elements and the vital importance of preparation. Here’s the invitation or you can go ahead and register here. Doesn’t it seem […]

Hurricane Season Starts Today and You’re Not Ready

  Things everyone knows as of today: It’s June 1st, the official start of the Atlantic tropical storm season. We’ve already had two named tropical storms. It’s predicted to be a ‘typical’ season with a typical number of named storms and maybe even somewhat fewer than usual. Here’s the truth:  none of that matters. We’ll […]

Live, Coordinated Disaster Preparation Drills Right From Your Own Desktop (Oh, And They’re Free)

Formidable Footprint is conducting another series of preparation drills – one in a few weeks and the next one in April – covering earthquake, flood, wildfire, tornado, pandemic and hurricane possibilities.  The exercises are for business and organizations who want to both strengthen and test their disaster response capabilities and for that reason the group […]

Definitely A Hurricane Season To Prepare For – 17-Minute Video Shows Why

On Tuesday, ImpactWeather TropicsWatch manager and Lead Hurricane Meteorologist Chris Hebert conducted a 45-minute webinar covering the June outlook relevant to the 2011 Hurricane Season.  Afterwards, Chris produced a 17-minute video synopsis of the June outlook. More than 450 industry professionals from around the country attended the webinar wherein Chris presented the current conditions around […]

Coldies? This Blast’s For You!

On the heels of last week’s nor’easter, comes this chilling scenario: Record-breaking cold the likes of which haven’t been seen in years in many areas. And perfectly timed as our next Winter Weather Outlook webinar is coming up later this week (more on the webinar below).

Surviving New Private Sector Preparedness Audits – Are You Ready? [Free Webinar]

The Federal government will soon commence a program to audit the preparedness of U.S. companies or organizations. What has your company done to prepare for these new private sector preparedness audits? Are you ready for what experts are calling one of the most influential pieces of business continuity legislation in the past 30 years?  It’s […]

It’s National Hurricane Awareness Week

Next Tuesday is June 1. A tumultuous date! Not only is it the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, but it’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary. Either way, June 1 brings a lot to the table for me each year. As I write myself a reminder to stop at the Hallmark store on the way […]

This Year, Don’t Just Spring Forward

FEMA reminds us that as we set our clocks forward one hour tonight, this weekend is also a good time to review your family communications plan, check on your emergency kit and make sure your smoke alarms are in good shape. More information can be found at www.ready.gov and at http://www.fema.gov/news/newsrelease.fema?id=50607. Photo: pgsuite.com