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Unprecedented Earthquakes Swarm Canaries

You won’t find this on the front page of the New York Times or anywhere on CNN.com, but if you have your ear to the tracks you might’ve heard rumblings from far off in the North Atlantic Ocean where, near the Canary Islands, there have been an incredible number of earthquakes recorded in the past week — 620 and counting, 400 in just four days!

When Plates Collide: Earthquakes of Japan

Why is this area so prone to such frequent earthquakes? It’s what amounts to the Perfect Storm of tectonics. Five of Earth’s massive plates meet in this area and grind upon one another.

USA Volcano Erupts

Considered not only the most active volcano in the United States, but one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii began erupting Saturday with lava ejected as high as 65 feet from the summit.

Sinabung: More to Come?

We spoke with ImpactWeather Meteorologist and in-house Geologist Fred Schmude last week about the pending eruption of Mt. Galeras in Colombia. While we wait for Galeras, Mt. Sinabung has jumped into the fray. Once again, Fred Schmude: There has been a lot of recent news about Mount Sinabung on the Island of Sumatra in the […]

Another Volcano? We’re On It!

ImpactWeather is rich with experience and expertise, and not just what you’d expect. Of course, we issue the forecasts you’re familiar with and some of our meteorologists have even taken that skill to television meteorology; more than a few have come to ImpactWeather from the world of television meteorology. But did you know one of […]