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Why the Current California Rain is Not Helping the Drought Enough

What may be the best form of long-term drought relief is what is now falling in the higher elevations of California, even though its benefit may still be months from now: snow.

How Mighty El Nino? What it Means to You

The mighty El Niño’s reach is far and its effect is much greater than “simple” warming of the eastern Pacific.

GOES 13 Weather Satellite Fails Again: Write Your Own Title

This single unit provides data that is critical in producing not only weather forecasts, but data that goes into producing life and death decisions made to protect millions of people and safeguard billions and billions of dollars worth of property and other resources.

GOES 13 Weather Satellite Placed on Injured Reserve – Now We’re on Thin Ice

You may have noticed a few hiccups in the satellite images on your evening news or your favorite internet weather sites over the past week or so. Images included a lot of static or “noise” initially, then advanced into portions of the image that were missing. These image issues are the result of problems with the GOES 13 weather satellite. Initially GOES 15 picked up the slack, but starting yesterday GOES 14 has been called into duty while technicians attempt to isolate the problem with GOES 13.

Batter Up! Smarter New Weather Satellite Called to the Mound

Major changes high above our heads today. And only a few people are aware because, on the surface (forgive the pun), nothing much will change. This is one of those “behind the scenes” changes that touches every one of us, yet life will go on as before. Although, life should go on just a little better than before. That’s because today marks the retirement of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) 11 which has been on duty for almost 12 years, and the beginning of operational duty for GOES 15 — which brings improved capabilities to the job.

Is the 2011 Hurricane Season Forecast a Bust?

Accosted is the wrong word, but on two occasions this past weekend “friends” of mind said something along these lines: “Hey, Weatherman! Where are all the hurricanes you and your ilk predicted.” I told them to go back to cutting the grass, but their curiosity isn’t unfounded.

Red and Blue States – Not What You’d Expect This Time

Of course, it’s mid-July and everybody expects it to be warm. But not like this! Temperatures more common-place in Texas are spreading as far north as Canada. Though you can read about the “hot forecast” on many sources from The Weather Channel to CNN, ImpactWeather and YourWeatherBlog would like to take this opportunity to remind you to take care of yourself in this oppressive heat.

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Lists are great and we all use them. Of course, Santa has the biggest and best list around and he checks it twice. It makes sense, too — don’t want to forget something or somebody. The next best list, at least when I was a kid, was Mom’s shopping list. If anything was going to […]

When is Tornado Season? Every Day

One only has to look to the news over the past few weeks to see outbreaks of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes: Tornadoes in Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, and Florida to name a few. Nationwide, the United States can expect an average of more than 1,000 tornadoes annually.

Hurricane Names Igor and Tomas Officially Retired

For those of us in the United States, the retiring of Igor and Tomas may seem a bit curious. After all, no storms struck the U.S. mainland last year and to most the season was considered a quiet one. Yet Igor, at one time a Category 4 storm, became the worst storm to ever hit Newfoundland, while Tomas caused more than $600 million in damage across the Caribbean.