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A Busy Month of Activities as ImpactWeather Observes National Preparedness Month

The month of September is known as National Preparedness Month. ImpactReady, ImpactWeather’s business continuity department, has worked hard to encourage employee participation to strengthen our state of disaster preparedness and readiness. Of course, September is typically the peak of hurricane season but also signals the changing of the seasons from summer to fall, which can […]

Emergency Response Plans Tried-and-True? Practice Makes Perfect!

National Preparedness Month (NPM) continues as we near the end of September and although NPM is coming to a close, emergency preparedness is a continual improvement process. I hope you will take this opportunity to think about preparedness initiatives for your organization. The final topic for NPM has to do with practicing for an emergency. […]

Best Practices and Specific Needs: Items and Strategies You May Have Overlooked

This is the second posting from the ImpactReady team at ImpactWeather. Our goal is to spread awareness about National Preparedness Month and share information about how you and your family can be prepared for major disasters. Following along the National Preparedness Month guidelines for weeks two and three, the focus of this post will be […]

September is National Preparedness Month!

Of course it’s no surprise that the team at ImpactWeather greets National Preparedness Month this September enthusiastically. With a group of safety experts, risk management specialists and meteorologists, it’s safe to say we live and breathe emergency response plans. In recognition of National Preparedness Month, we are highlighting cost-effective, easy, and stress-free ways in which […]

National Preparedness Month 2011 – What Disaster Preparedness Really Means During This Crazy Weather Year

For years we’ve been touting the real need – not just “the really good idea that you should probably think about sometime” – for proper preparedness .   It’s time to actually get prepared for when and not if you’re affected by a disaster.  As we begin National Preparedness Month, 2011 seems to be the year […]

Surviving New Private Sector Preparedness Audits – Are You Ready? [Free Webinar]

The Federal government will soon commence a program to audit the preparedness of U.S. companies or organizations. What has your company done to prepare for these new private sector preparedness audits? Are you ready for what experts are calling one of the most influential pieces of business continuity legislation in the past 30 years?  It’s […]

National Preparedness Month – It’s Not Your Father’s Idea of “Ready”

There’s a new tropical system in the eastern Atlantic, although it appears that Danielle will probably remain a fish storm. (A fish storm is a tropical system that will remain over water throughout the entirety of its life . . . therefore of concern only to the fishes.  Well, and any ocean-going vessels.)  But with […]