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Turbulent Saturn: The Great White Spot

Saturn is not typically the stormy tempest like its neighbor, Jupiter. Known to be home to many violent storms, Jupiter’s storms rage across the planet’s hemispheres. In fact, the Great Red Dot can be found on Jupiter without even knowing what you’re looking for. And it’s been raging for centuries. On the other hand, since 1876 astronomers have noted only five previous storms of such magnitude on Saturn.

No Surprise, Weather’s Responsible for 30% of Shuttle Delays

This Friday will mark the end of a 30-year era with NASA’s final shuttle launch at 11:26 a.m. EDT from Cape Canaveral – weather permitting, of course. Right now there’s a good chance for showers and thunderstorms on Friday at the Cape and the weather conditions have to be just right in order for launch […]

Who Says it’s an Epic Flood? Good Question!

No doubt, there’s a lot going on these days. What with Osama, the stealth copter, the record-breaking tornado outbreak (and now, recovery), as well as gas prices, Trump and the economy, there’s seems little room within the headlines for the epic flooding now occurring along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

Moon: Bigger and Brighter This Weekend? Here’s Why…

The moon will appear bigger and brighter this weekend so be on the lookout! On Saturday the super “perigee” moon (when the moon is the closest to the sun, roughly in an 18 year cycle) will rise in the east at sunset. It will look especially big at that time due to the “Moon illusion.” […]

Image from Space: Australian Floods

Yesterday, Dave brought you the latest information on the Australian floods and today I’d like to show you an image captured from the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite. Notice the muddy brown flood waters inundating the city. Heavy rain will continue across southeastern Australia and Tasmania over the next few […]

On Prancer! On Geminid! On Eclipse! Busy Skies in December!

Some are already calling the approaching Geminid meteor shower to more spectacular than the New Years Eve fireworks, but they haven’t been to my house (with an open field and a lake nearby I can light up the sky!). No doubt the meteor shower will be cool but, deep down, I must admit a show from the Cosmos will always outshine one from my backyard.

Leonid by Mistake

If you’ve not witnessed the Leonids before, plan to be amazed. If you have, then you know to grab a jacket and a comfortable chair because the show lasts a good long time. Astronomers expect 15-20 meteors per hour during the peak.

Merapi: How Could it Get Worse?

Many are asking this very question as the Mount Merapi volcano continues to spew ash along with the pyroclastic flows and mudslides (lahars). I heard on NPR this morning that the ash is so heavy, not only is it literally thickening the air being breathed, but it is clinging to the leaves and branches of […]

Look, Up In the Sky!

Over Houston early this past Saturday evening, contrails (aka vapor trails) filled the nearly cloudless sky. Peculiar, as the long, white traces were not the usual straight lines from horizon to horizon but were lazy ovals and broad s-curves — back and forth, ’round and ’round. To make matters worse, all this was happening on […]

New Satellite Ready for Action

“What can $500 million and a NASA Delta IV rocket do for you?” That’s not quite as catchy as the no-longer-used motto from United Parcel Service (“What Can Brown Do For You?”), but it’s certainly more direct — and without that unpleasant aftertaste that lead to the demise of that silly mantra. $500 million can […]