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Jupiter, the Moon, Aldebaran, an Eclipse and the ISS? It’s Not Too Late to See it All

Like last night, here’s what’s happening tonight: The nearly full moon will be in penumbral eclipse. The red giant star Aldebaran and Jupiter will be visible to the moon’s upper right. Additionally, Jupiter’s Galilean moons may be visible. Want more? The conjunction of Venus and Saturn will be visible, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning to view. And if that’s still not enough, there’s an opportunity to view the International Space Station as it slips quickly across the sky.

Turbulent Saturn: The Great White Spot

Saturn is not typically the stormy tempest like its neighbor, Jupiter. Known to be home to many violent storms, Jupiter’s storms rage across the planet’s hemispheres. In fact, the Great Red Dot can be found on Jupiter without even knowing what you’re looking for. And it’s been raging for centuries. On the other hand, since 1876 astronomers have noted only five previous storms of such magnitude on Saturn.

Space Weather: Jupiter’s Dark Belt Disappears…then Reappears in November

Why does Jupiter’s dark belt, known as the South Equatorial Belt (SEB), disappear and then reappear? Well, planetary meteorologists are starting to get a better understanding as to why this happens. Jupiter’s atmosphere is divided up by various belts and zones, all of which have their own names and characteristics. The specific one I want […]