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Intense Flooding Making Life More Than Miserable for 10+ Million in Rapidly Sinking Jakarta; “Bathtub Effect” Threatens Future of City

Imagine the infrastructure of Port au Prince, a population density about a third greater than New York City*, the subsidence problems of New Orleans and a landscape like the Netherlands. What have you got? Jakarta. I mean, you know it’s bad when the Jakarta authorities are consulting with the Dutch for assistance in developing a plan to deal with the annual flooding.

Explosive Eruptions Continue at Gunung Merapi

It couldn’t get much worse in Indonesia today as the volcano at Mount Merapi continues to erupt in explosive and massive form. The stories covered by the media this morning are horrific in their detail. Despite massive evacuations over the past several days, too many people remain within the fiery reach of the eruption. Yahoo […]

Sinabung: More to Come?

We spoke with ImpactWeather Meteorologist and in-house Geologist Fred Schmude last week about the pending eruption of Mt. Galeras in Colombia. While we wait for Galeras, Mt. Sinabung has jumped into the fray. Once again, Fred Schmude: There has been a lot of recent news about Mount Sinabung on the Island of Sumatra in the […]