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If It’s Tuesday…

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time to let you know about another snow and ice storm. Riding on the coattails of last week’s storm, the next storm is taking aim on the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states this weekend. While eastern Virginia continues to lie under several inches of snow today, the next storm promises […]

The Ice Storm Cometh

  I’m sure I’m the only one to think up “The ice storm cometh,” but as a major snow and ice storm takes aim on Oklahoma today and then moves eastward over the next 48-60 hours, I thought it appropriate and helpful to review some tips for best getting through an ice storm. First, your […]

Need: Hot Chocolate, Snowblowers, Road Salt

It’s starting right now… A major snow/ice system is advancing eastward with snowfall beginning today in the southern Rockies. Then, as the system combines Pacific mid-level moisture with Gulf of Mexico low-level moisture and cold southward-moving Canadian air, impressive snow and ice accumulations will begin later tonight and Thursday across Texas and Oklahoma; making steady […]

Snow From Top to Bottom

Recent posts here on YourWeatherBlog have mentioned how London and Paris have exceeded their average annual snowfall of about 10 inches, and there is still plenty of winter to go. We found this wonderful image of a snow-covered Britain and thought you would enjoy it as much as we do! Photo: Jan 7, 2010. NASA/GSFC, […]

It’s “Generational”

One of our Houston TV mets said yesterday that this cold outbreak was "Generational… The kind of cold outbreak that you’ll be telling your grandchildren about." I’m not quite sure I buy into that, but one thing’s for sure: This is not your average cold front with your average winter temperatures. Let’s look at what’s […]