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Traveling to the coldest location on earth? Better bring a jacket and a meteorologist.

It may have felt like a frozen tundra outside your home this morning, but imagine being stranded in temperatures plummeting to -30 degrees for several days. For a group of 74 passengers onboard the Russian-flagged Akademik Shokalkiy, this became a reality last week. According to CNN, a team of scientists and researchers travelled to one […]

Jack Frost Could Be Halloween’s New Villain

Halloween in America is a time to share our scariest, nail-biting tales or celebrate our favorite villains, such as the headless horseman, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and “Jason”. A new villain may also be among us this Halloween. He blows into town uninvited, freezing pipes, disrupting supply chains and wreaking havoc on everyone’s immune systems. […]

Winter Wallop Happening Now

It’s all coming together in dramatic fashion today as record snowfall threatens not only such places as Chicago who are accustomed to heavy snowfall, but places like Houston and perhaps even Corpus Christi where measurable snowfall is a rarity. Accompanying the snow, strong winds and frigid temperatures where in the South especially, temperatures will not just dip low, they dip low and stay there for several days. Wind chill readings of -20 and colder will be common.

New Hampshire Ice Out Breaks Record

On the heels of Monday’s YWB post about the deteriorating conditions of the ice roads in Canada, comes this: the Lake Winnipesaukee, NH "Ice Out" is a record-breaker, occurring four days prior to the previous record of March 28th, 1921. Last year’s Ice Out was April 12. What’s going on? I’ll bet you thought New […]

But it’s a cold heat…

Heat, as they say, is relative: whether it’s the salsa or the temperature, what’s hot for one is not necessarily hot for another. Even in science, heat is a process involving the transfer of energy, not a specific number as it relates to temperature. And so this story from the Great White North about the […]

Icebergs on Lake Michigan!

Oh, come on! Icebergs on Lake Michigan? Really? So says the email that landed in my Inbox this morning. The icebergs were big and white and some were even streaked with blue. Quite pretty, but Lake Michigan?? Purported Lake Michigan icebergs. Photo: Who knows? (Snopes actually attributes the photo to Oyvind Tangend, a Norwegian sailor.) […]

Chinese Winter Wonderland

Harbin, China has a city made of ice – 5.6 million cubic feet of it to be exact. The city of ice comes around once a year, from January through mid-March for the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. The Festival started back in 1985, is one of the largest of its kind in the […]

Falling Ice

The snow has come to an end for now, the temperatures are warming up and you need to be on the lookout for falling ice. Most cities have signs in place warning of falling ice on sidewalks around the area but many people don’t pay much attention to them. In Chicago, ice is falling off […]

More (More Ice, More Snow, More Headache)

While many areas in the Plains are still without power from last week’s snow and ice storm,  the next storm is already marching through the Plains and heading toward the Mid-Atlantic with more ice and more snow. Our forecast remains much as it did yesterday: upwards of 16 inches of snow across the Cumberland Gap […]

Snow and Ice: Shifting Northward

Today’s winter storm outlook takes the area of highest accumulations from the Shenandoah Valley (as mentioned yesterday) northward to Hagerstown, MD, the Cumberland Gap and into south-central Pennsylvania. This, by the way, is home to the Catoctin Mountains and Camp David, the Presidential Retreat (doubtful that Marine One will attempt the trip this weekend). With […]