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Social Media, Its Impact on Emergencies . . . And Vice-Versa

YourWeatherBlog has been around for a while now – in fact, Lauren’s post on Friday was YWB post number 450 – and after that much time and experience, you pick up a few pointers about productive posting.  One of those points is:  Don’t blog about other blogs. Except for today, and with kudos to Mashable.  […]

2010 Hurricane Season – The 2-Minute Recap

Lead Hurricane Forecaster Chris Hebert was interviewed by KUHF 88.7 Houston Public Radio yesterday.  Hear what he had to say about the 2010 season.  We’ll also be posting a season recap video week after next.

That’s A Wrap: 2010 Hurricane Season Draws To A Close

A very busy season indeed, although the mainland U.S. barely noticed.  Here’s the final daily briefing of the season. Probably. We’ll also have an update video for the winter season outlook posted at the beginning of December.

An Abrupt End to a Quiet Hurricane Season? Unfortunately, Neither

Full disclosure: once again, I’m not a meteorologist.  But I spend most of my waking hours with dozens of the industry’s best and the ones who focus on Atlantic tropical storms are by no means standing down for the season.  No doubt that for much of the country, autumn has arrived both exactly on time […]

It’s National Hurricane Awareness Week

Next Tuesday is June 1. A tumultuous date! Not only is it the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, but it’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary. Either way, June 1 brings a lot to the table for me each year. As I write myself a reminder to stop at the Hallmark store on the way […]

The 21st Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry

It’s been mentioned here abstractly a few times but I wanted to make sure YWB readers knew about the 21st Annual Hurricane Seminar.  It will take place on Friday morning, the 21st in Houston and features a stellar lineup of government and industry leaders who will share specifics on how best to prepare for the […]

Free Webinars: Get Ready So You Can BE Ready

Tropical storm lightning on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Photo: Fred Rogers Temperatures around the U.S. are finally starting to climb a bit as we pass from the longest, coldest winter most of us can remember into spring, which is currently forecast to be stormy, wet and unseasonably cool for many of us.  As the seasons […]

Disaster-Related Absenteeism, Sure. But What’s “Presenteeism”?

Hurricane Frances, 2004.  Photo: NASA It’s a given that the more prepared an employee is for a severe weather disaster or other type of situation that can close a business, the more likely that employee will be able to return to work afterwards, therefore substantially reducing the wide-scale absenteeism that has such a brutal effect […]

Hurricanes, Winter Storms. Common Link?

You’ve been hiding under a rock since the 1940s if you’re unaware airplanes have been flying into hurricanes to send back detailed and otherwise unobtainable information to weather forecasters. One of NOAA’s (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) missions is penetrating hurricanes from their base in Florida. They use jet aircraft for high-altitude research and turbo-props […]

Greater Lead Time for Hurricanes

The past week or so, most of the buzz has been about the cold snap. The big chill has been very big news with record breaking temperatures and damage to crops, just to name a few things. But something that also happened last week was that the National Hurricane Center announced that, starting with the […]