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You Think it’s Quiet, but it’s Actually Unprecedented

We are in uncharted territory with respect to lack of severe weather. This has never happened in the record of SPC watches dating back to 1970.

Is the 2011 Hurricane Season Forecast a Bust?

Accosted is the wrong word, but on two occasions this past weekend “friends” of mind said something along these lines: “Hey, Weatherman! Where are all the hurricanes you and your ilk predicted.” I told them to go back to cutting the grass, but their curiosity isn’t unfounded.

Hey, Megi! How Low Can You Go?

Will Super Typhoon Megi go into the record books as the cyclone with the lowest pressure ever recorded? It’s close, but it’s not likely. As Megi continues moving northwest toward the coastline of China (landfall expected near Hong Kong on Saturday) it will continue to weaken as it moves away from the warmer waters that […]

Hurricane Katrina Turns 11 Million

The search phrase “Hurricane Katrina” returns almost 3.3 million hits on Yahoo, while Google returns 11 million. For comparison, 2005’s Hurricane Wilma garnered 243,000 hits. 1983’s Hurricane Alicia 305,000 hits. Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, devastated the town of Homestead, Florida and nearly wiped Homestead Air Force Base off the map — 500,000 hits. What can […]