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Hurricane Season Outlook Update: Free 32-Minute Recorded Webinar

Nutshell: yesterday we distributed our Atlantic hurricane season update for June and July via, among other media, a half-hour webinar that you can watch now for free.  Just hit the graphic or click here. The presenter was ImpactWeather TropicsWatch manager and our lead hurricane meteorologist Chris Hebert and he packed his usual hour’s worth of […]

Hurricane Forecasters Admit They Can’t Predict Hurricanes? Not Exactly

Manager of ImpactWeather’s TropicsWatch team and lead hurricane forecaster Chris Hebert weighs in on a story that’s been making the rounds for the last day or so . . . a story that needs to be corrected. There’s a story floating around the internet stating that seasonal hurricane forecasters Dr. Bill Gray and Dr. Phil […]

Quiet in the Tropics? Bite Your Tongue!

Though it seems quiet, the ImpactWeather TropicsWatch team is keeping a watchful eye on four active disturbances and one suspect area on Africa’s West Coast. Additionally, areas like the eastern Caribbean, the western Tropical Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico are climatological hot spots for development, while the peak of hurricane season (September 10th) draws closer every day.

Gulf Disturbance Likely to be Upgraded to “Don” This Afternoon

An adjusted track forecast brings this tropical disturbance to the mid-Texas Coast by Friday evening. Uncertainty remains an issue with both the track forecast and the intensity forecast. Hurricane recon aircraft are onsite now and will provide more answers upon their return.

The Best Hurricane Tracking Chart in the World. Maybe Even The Galaxy.

Almost as long as there’s been an ImpactWeather, there’s been the ImpactWeather Hurricane Tracking Chart.  I’ve heard reports of copies of the chart – weathered and marked with the treks of storms passed – inside the rusty cab of a crane 60 feet over the Corpus Christi harbor, on the wall of a marina club […]

Violent Weather La Niña’s Fault? And What About Hurricane Season?

Part II: Yesterday, I talked about the weird weather we’ve been having lately – record tornadoes, record floods, late season snows, late season record lows. What’s going on? Does all this portend of more to come? Does it mean a more active hurricane season? Are there factors leading to the expected active hurricane season which are to blame for all of this unusually active/weird weather? ImpactWeather’s StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude helps shed some light on the situation.

Last Chance to Register for the Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry

The 22nd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry is just five days away and – with nearly 300 attendees registered – available seats won’t be around much longer.  Take a look and register.  We’ve got an outstanding lineup this year and it’s our best group yet. (Yes, I say that every year.  Yes, it’s […]

Analog Power

From wearing his geologist’s hat this morning, to now wearing his tropical meteorologist’s hat this afternoon, YourWeatherBlog once again taps the mind of Fred Schmude: I have had a little time to look at some past data and compare ImpactWeather’s prime analog data with the current season…the trends are quite remarkable so far…take a look: […]

National Geographic’s Take On The Hurricane Season

National Geographic Daily News online tapped our Chris Hebert last week for their article Friday on what the season may hold.  You can read it here. Or just click on the graphic.  And don’t blame the messenger. The Messenger.  Image: ImpactWeather Click here to download: image001.emz (10 KB) Click here to download: oledata.mso (1700 KB) […]