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Halfway Through Hurricane Season, We Are Not Out of the Woods Yet

Unlike many heatwave haters, August is one of my favorite months. School is starting to ramp up (for those of us in the South), football pre-season is upon us, and most importantly, my birthday is in two weeks. For others, it can be the worst time of year, with uncomfortable heat and humidity scorching much […]

Is it Hot Enough for You? (You’re kidding, right?)

I come from the Northeast, and we are an outspoken bunch.  I didn’t fully understand this until moving south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but we Northeasterners very rarely find a reason to keep from complaining.  We’re quite good at it.  Now that I’m in Houston, and with last week’s “heat wave” that swept up the […]

What’s cooking in the U.S.? The western states.

The heat is on the minds of millions this summer and no, we’re not talking about the recent NBA champs, the Miami Heat. Record-breaking temperatures and sweltering heat has gripped the western United States this past weekend, with no sign of relief for the Fourth of July holiday ahead. From Las Vegas claiming a new […]

Roasting in April: A Beat-the-Heat Offensive

Record high temperatures were set in Kansas last week, other places too (Texas recorded highs above 100). The heat however, was not a result of heat streaming north from Texas or Mexico. Nor was it a result of an oppressive summertime high pressure system. Also off the hook: A convective heat burst which can rapidly heat the air near a thunderstorm. So what was to blame?

Red and Blue States – Not What You’d Expect This Time

Of course, it’s mid-July and everybody expects it to be warm. But not like this! Temperatures more common-place in Texas are spreading as far north as Canada. Though you can read about the “hot forecast” on many sources from The Weather Channel to CNN, ImpactWeather and YourWeatherBlog would like to take this opportunity to remind you to take care of yourself in this oppressive heat.

Heat Puts Corals at Risk

It’s officially fall in the Northern Hemisphere, but the extreme heat we experienced this summer, not only in the U.S. but around the world, has put coral reefs at risk. The heat puts a lot of stress on the corals causing some of them to shed their color which indicates they’re going into survival mode. […]

Beating the Heat this Summer

This is the second weekend in a row that parts of Texas and the Gulf Coast states will see heat index values rise to between 100-105F. South Texas could reach a heat index value near 110F. With the summer heat and humidity already in full force across parts of the southern U.S., it’s time to […]

Heat Wave in India

Last month we blogged about the heat in India and after an unusually warm March, a severe heat wave has hit northern and eastern India with temperatures across many states rising to 104-113F. India has four seasons: winter (January and February), summer (March to May), a monsoon rainy season (June to September), and a post-monsoon […]

Indian Heat Starting Early

As warm, dry air blows in from the deserts of western Asia, cloud-free days across northern India are warming into the first heat wave of the season. Temperatures over 100F were recorded in many areas yesterday and the next few days look equally warm — if not more so. As noted on satellite imagery below, […]

Yeah, But It’s a Dry Heat

[Warning: Serious science ahead.] The temperature in New York has reached the highest ever recorded. And right in the middle of February. What gives? Laboratory scientists (in New York) have created the hottest temperature ever: 4 trillion degrees Celsius. A computer rendition of the 4-trillion degree Celsius plasma. Image: Brookhaven National Laboratory Yes, 4 trillion […]