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Rodent Prognosticator Decrees Six More Weeks of Winter – We Agree

Remember back in late November, December and early January when we saw those fast-moving frontal systems along the U.S./Canadian border? They were strong and cold but they moved so fast that significant snow accumulation was not an issue and the way they were structured prevented the really cold air from sweeping down into (most of) the Lower 48. Now we’re seeing a significantly slower flow pattern during the past few weeks over North America and it looks like this trend will continue into February.

The Story of Groundhog Day

Have you ever wondered where, when or why Groundhog Day came about? The tradition of Groundhog Day has its origin in ancient European weather lore and is tied to Candlemas Day, a centuries-old celebration day in Europe. Candlemas, for the British, marks midwinter and a time of seasonal transition. Folklore states: “If the day is […]

Robot in the Hole

Controversy in west central Pennsylvania as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) suggest the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, one of the most famous weather forecasters in the world, be replaced on Groundhog Day by an animatronic version of the beloved marmot. Stating that the furry celebrity becomes "…stressed when [he] is exposed to […]