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Arkansas: Magma On The Move?

Is magma near the surface of the earth a bit more “anxious” near Conway, Arkansas these days? Magma, a molten-rock mixture of gas and solids, is always on the move, but when it’s a bit more active than normal it can cause tremors (aka: earthquakes). Such is the case near Guy, Arkansas (near Conway). The […]

Hey, Megi! How Low Can You Go?

Will Super Typhoon Megi go into the record books as the cyclone with the lowest pressure ever recorded? It’s close, but it’s not likely. As Megi continues moving northwest toward the coastline of China (landfall expected near Hong Kong on Saturday) it will continue to weaken as it moves away from the warmer waters that […]

Russian Heat Wave: “Nothing Similar Has Been Observed”

The heat wave in Russia has continued for so long that the world has moved on to other things. However, new today come these comments from Russian officials: “Nothing similar has been observed in the millennium history of the Russian state, which dates back to the acceptance of Christianity by ancient Russia in the late […]

Tropical Activity On The Other Side of the Marble

[I’m posting this for Fred Rogers. Seems his computer is enjoying a siesta.] Many of ImpactWeather’s clients are in the western hemisphere so much our attention is on the Atlantic Basin, the Carib and the Gulf of Mexico during Atlantic Tropical Storm Season.  But we also keep an eye on the western and eastern Pacific […]

Adelaide Pounded…and Flooded

More than three inches of rain fell in and around Adelaide, Australia late Tuesday as thunderstorms pounded the South Australia city famous for its long beaches and overall high rankings in “most livable” cities comparisons. The storms and flooding disrupted power to as many as 10,000 properties. As the Southern Hemisphere summer draws to a […]

Tropical Activity: Pacific and Indian Oceans

As the Atlantic Hurricane Season is still about 9 weeks away, we have to look well to the east for tropical activity where two tropical cyclones are being watched for further development in the Eastern Hemisphere. East of the Philippines, about 1,430 miles east of Manila, Tropical Depression 02W now has sustained winds of 35mph […]

All-Time Snowfall Records Expected to Fall

Who would’ve guessed that on the first day of spring (tomorrow), all-time snowfall records would be in jeopardy in places like Oklahoma City and Tulsa? Oklahoma City needs just over four inches to break their all-time seasonal snowfall record, Tulsa needs eight inches. Springfield, MO is actually right about normal for the year but if they […]

Unabated Flooding

After losing two dams due to flooding waters last week the villages near Kyzyl-Agash in southern Kazakhstan are at a continued and increased risk of flooding. Recent floods have left 33 dead and widespread damage. Storms across central and southern Asia, like southern Europe and the southern United States, have been moving by one after […]

Snowing in Shanghai

Situated on the coast of eastern China, Shanghai is located between Beijing and Hong Kong. Being in a humid, subtropical climate, Shanghai’s weather is moderated by the coastal waters, yet far enough north in latitude to experience four distinct seasons (near 30deg North latitude, Shanghai is similar in latitude to New Orleans, LA). Snow however, […]

Russia: Wild Weather

Pink snow and tornadoes, those are the reports coming in from Russia today. The Moscow suburb of Krasnozavodsk experienced a rare winter tornado, as reported by MosNews.com. (I find it odd that there is no snow on the ground and the grass so green. Snow has been plaguing Moscow for the past few weeks/months. Could […]