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Holiday Travel Hampered Due to Severe Storms and Heavy Snowfall

It’s a clash of air masses on the gridiron of the U.S. today as a major snowstorm impacts the Rockies and severe weather threatens the Deep South. A quick-moving storm system will continue to bring snowfall to the central and southern Rocky Mountain states today and tomorrow.  Snowfall will come to an end from north […]

Once Again, Disasterous Flooding Follows Drought

Once again, flooding follows decades of drought in China – with disastrous results.

Interior New England Getting Pounded – and Buried

A fast-moving low pressure area will move from coastal New England through the Canadian Maritime Provinces producing a good chance of locally heavy snow. Falling snow will increase in coverage and intensity over central New England late this morning, spreading quickly northeast across the Canadian Maritime this afternoon through Saturday morning.

A Little Bit of Calm Between the Storms

The weather has been so pleasant here on the Gulf Coast that it’s difficult to believe there’s still a month of winter yet to go. In fact, much of the globe is enjoying a bit of a break from extreme weather. And though that term can be subjective to many, ImpactWeather’s Gmaps reveals there are only a few global hazards

StormWatch: Winter Weather Advancing

There is little change in the forecast over the next several days as a large Arctic airmass develops over western Canada this weekend then spills southward over the Lower 48 next week. The good news is, as of this morning and yesterday afternoon, some of the forecasting data has backed off a bit on the overall intensity of the cold air. However, much colder air is still expected to move across the eastern half of the nation next week bringing well below normal temperatures to many areas — including many areas of the Deep South unaccustomed to such prolonged cold.

StormWatch Today: Friday, 12/24

ImpactWeather’s StormWatch team continues to monitor three areas for significant weather.

StormWatch Today: Thursday, 12/23

Three areas across the U.S. have the attention of the ImpactWeather StormWatch team today: The Southwest and the Rockies, the northern Plains and the Appalachians.

Soggy, Snowy California

As Mammoth Mountain, California continues to accumulate snowfall totals of record proportions, lower elevations are seeing tremendous rainfall. Like last year, the upper winds are oriented just so to allow storm after storm to pound the West Coast of the United States. As the current system moves inland, drier weather will dominate through the Christmas holiday and into next week.

Storm Development Outlook: Mid-Atlantic and Appalachians

Snow will continue across the Midwest today with a developing system leading to snow and ice across the Ohio River Valley, Appalachians and into the Mid-Atlantic.

Leonid by Mistake

If you’ve not witnessed the Leonids before, plan to be amazed. If you have, then you know to grab a jacket and a comfortable chair because the show lasts a good long time. Astronomers expect 15-20 meteors per hour during the peak.