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Why the Current California Rain is Not Helping the Drought Enough

What may be the best form of long-term drought relief is what is now falling in the higher elevations of California, even though its benefit may still be months from now: snow.

A Volcano is Not the Last Thing You Need to Worry About: How A Distant Eruption Can Impact the U.S. and the World

From yesterday’s Napa earthquake (link), to the recent and ongoing fears of the major Ebola outbreak, to the drought and wildfires of the western United States, to the civil and racial unrest in Ferguson, MO (link) it’s the foolhardy business without the need for a good business continuity plan.

Dreaming of a white Christmas? You just might get your wish.

It’s (considered) the best time of the year when children and adults alike share in the wonderment of the season of giving. Sparkling lights glisten on giant Fir trees, while holiday crooners Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. play softly in the background. Tales of sugar plum fairies and The Night Before Christmas […]

Jack Frost Could Be Halloween’s New Villain

Halloween in America is a time to share our scariest, nail-biting tales or celebrate our favorite villains, such as the headless horseman, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and “Jason”. A new villain may also be among us this Halloween. He blows into town uninvited, freezing pipes, disrupting supply chains and wreaking havoc on everyone’s immune systems. […]

Significant Snow Alert on the First (Full) Day of Spring

But it’s the so-far unending progression of snow storm after snow storm moving across the mid-section of the U.S. that is gathering the headlines and with the next penciled-in for this weekend there will be many more headlines to come.

On the Heels of Bitter Cold, An Ice Storm is On Deck

Because it’s January there’s still a lot of winter yet to come and some of it next week will be none too pretty. And what could be worse than bitter, miserable cold? What could be worse than heavy snowfall or even a blizzard? What’s the worst winter can throw at us? Ice.

Santa Bringing Bagful of Cold and Snow – Just in Time, But Where?

We’re still relying heavily on the computer models at this early stage. Like with a hurricane forecast, confidence in the numerical prediction models grows when more of the models swing to a consensus or near-consensus. And that’s especially true when the strongest models, in this case the GFS and the Euro are in agreement. In this particular case, the Euro hit on the cold first and the GFS has been playing catch-up, but here we are about a week out, and the two are in agreement.

Long-Range Look: Will There be a White Christmas? What About a Chilly One?

The long-range ImpactWeather forecast continues to indicate the possibility of a major change in the weather pattern, and that change will deliver much colder weather just before Christmas for most of the Lower 48. Even though confidence in the forecast is still on the low side because we’re examining a time period beyond 10 days, the forecast data is trending toward the colder pattern. Currently it looks like a strong Canadian cold front will surge across the Great Plains and to the northern Gulf Coast by the 22nd bringing breezy and much colder air as it passes by.

You Asked the Meteorologist and Here Are Your Answers

Last week we offered to take any type of weather question from readers and honestly I thought we’d receive more questions along the line of, “I live in D.C. and my birthday is March 21st. Can we have the party outside?” Or “Why do TV weather people use such exaggerated hand gestures?”  In fact, each […]

Big Change Next Week: Cold vs. COLD – What’s it Mean to You?

We had a cold front move through Houston yesterday — no snow, no ice, no school closures. It’s December, after all, and I want some cold. In fact, Monday’s official Houston high was 82F, yesterday’s high was a record 83 and today — once these clouds break — should once again be quite warm, though […]