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Historic Flooding Still Not on Everyone’s Radar

Historic flooding is expected to continue across the Middle and Lower Mississippi River Valley throughout the week and, in many cases, through the end of the month of May. River levels have crested in many areas along the Ohio River, but this surge of water will continue to spread southward with damaging floods expected to continue to impact many areas of western Tennessee, Arkansas, western Mississippi, and eastern Louisiana.

Flooding: No Respite

Over the next several days, weather more quiet in nature will take hold over much of the United States as the upper-level flow pattern weakens. However, the story that will continue to make headlines into next week will be the ongoing flood situation across the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys.

A Mix of Winter and Spring across U.S: Snow, Flooding, Severe Storms

Heavy Rain and Severe Weather Risk on Track for the Southeast U.S. Heavy, Wet Snow Risk on Track for the Interior Northeast. Another Major Winter Storm and Severe Weather Threat Next Week

Interior New England Getting Pounded – and Buried

A fast-moving low pressure area will move from coastal New England through the Canadian Maritime Provinces producing a good chance of locally heavy snow. Falling snow will increase in coverage and intensity over central New England late this morning, spreading quickly northeast across the Canadian Maritime this afternoon through Saturday morning.

Floods and Landslides in Brazil and the Philippines…Death Toll Continues to Rise

In YourWeatherBlog last week we talked about the devastating floods that hit Australia and today the government is saying it could be the country’s most expensive natural disaster to date. However, it’s not just Australia that’s dealing with disastrous floods. Heavy rain has also fallen in Brazil causing devastating floods and landslides. So far more […]

El Niño Not To Blame (This Time)

It’s cloudy and unusually cold in Houston at this writing. Not exactly the stuff of La Niña, yet eastern Pacific waters are cooler than normal allowing western Pacific waters to be warmer than normal which, in turn, allows abundant precipitation across Equatorial waters of the western Pacific. Translation? Classic La Niña.

Image from Space: Australian Floods

Yesterday, Dave brought you the latest information on the Australian floods and today I’d like to show you an image captured from the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite. Notice the muddy brown flood waters inundating the city. Heavy rain will continue across southeastern Australia and Tasmania over the next few […]

Australia’s “Inland Tsunami”

it’s been weeks of flooding that has befallen eastern Australia. Low pressure troughs seem to just park themselves over the area with widespread rainfall totals of up to three inches per day — day after day. Yesterday’s news reported six inches in 30 minutes in Toowoomba, a city that typically receives 37 inches of rainfall annually. It was this heavy rainfall that lead to the flooding which earned the nickname, “the inland tsunami.”

Queensland Flooding Continues

Wet and soggy conditions continue over eastern Australia. Actually, “soggy” is not the appropriate word as many areas are indeed flooded, while Queensland’s coal mines are shut down and more than 200,000 people have been affected. Experts are already estimating flood-related costs above $5 billion, when considering infrastructure rebuilding (transportation has been particularly hard hit) and economic losses.

Grímsvötn Begins to Erupt

Though it seems like it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the volcanoes in Iceland, don’t judge a book by its “quiet” cover. Iceland remains a geological hot spot and vulcanologists are still expecting an eruption of likely global climate-changing proportions in the not-too-distant future. While we wait, lesser volcanoes will continue to keep residents and scientists on alert.