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While FEMA Responds to Quakes, the CDC Responds to Zombies

It’s true. Well, mostly — the quakes and zombies are not real, but the responses are, and that’s what’s key.

FEMA Responds to Massive “Quake” in Central U.S.

If the title of this article didn’t quite grab your attention, then this will: “Approximately 9,000 National Guard Soldiers and Airmen on State Active Duty are supporting the simulated earthquake relief operations, including mock route clearing, search and rescue, and security operations across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee.”

When is Tornado Season? Every Day

One only has to look to the news over the past few weeks to see outbreaks of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes: Tornadoes in Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, and Florida to name a few. Nationwide, the United States can expect an average of more than 1,000 tornadoes annually.

Winter Weather: You’re Not As Ready As You Think You Are

Winter is still over a month away but it felt like it arrived early across the Intermountain West yesterday as 2-6 inches of snow fell across the region. In addition to the snowfall, this weekend into early next week temperatures across portions of Montana and the Dakotas will be 20-35 degrees below average as a […]

Winter Storm could cause Travel Disruptions

Last week, ImpactWeathers StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude was the first to predict the winter storm forecasted to impact portions of the Rockies, Plains, and Upper Midwest beginning today. A strong low pressure system will develop across the Southern Plains and with a cold Canadian airmass diving southward, this will set the stage for an early […]