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Best Practices and Specific Needs: Items and Strategies You May Have Overlooked

This is the second posting from the ImpactReady team at ImpactWeather. Our goal is to spread awareness about National Preparedness Month and share information about how you and your family can be prepared for major disasters. Following along the National Preparedness Month guidelines for weeks two and three, the focus of this post will be […]

Hurricane Season: It Doesn’t Feel Like It (Raise Your Hand if You’re Prepared)

Let’s understand that immediate response is not what FEMA is about. It will take time for the emergency management organization to gather supplies and personnel to respond to a crisis. They may even have to cut a path through debris to reach your front door — and that’s not going to happen any time soon. In fact, FEMA’s own guidelines tell us that we should be self-sufficient for a minimum of three days.

Hurricane Prep: Does Your Dog Have Enough Bones?

Instead of living like a dog, we should be thinking like a squirrel. We have preparations to make. But the American Red Cross says that the vast majority of Americans have not taken even the basic steps to prepare for a catastrophe (hurricane or otherwise). Our government suggests that all of us need to be self-sufficient for at least three days, yet most of us couldn’t even do that.

Mega-Tsunami From Canary Islands? Not Yet

More rumblings from the Canary Islands this morning but, as of now, nothing substantial enough to shake loose the mega-landslide that is expected to trigger the mega-tsunami which will lead to the mega-submerging of the entire eastern coast of the U.S. At least, that’s the hypothesis.