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Quake Shortens Days

Last week’s Chilean earthquake was the seventh strongest earthquake in the known history of the world (actually, at 8.8 magnitude, it ties the 1906 earthquake off the coast of Ecuador). It was so strong that it actually shifted the Earth’s figure axis (axis around which the Earth’s mass is balanced and perhaps confused with the […]

Earthquake: Haiti

Latest information now shows the Haiti earthquake this afternoon to have registered 7.1 magnitude, after earlier reports of 7.3. A Tsunami Watch is in effect for Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Most areas within the Tsunami Watch should receive tsunami waves (if any) within an hour or two of the quake. Image: ImpactWeather […]

6.9 Quake Hits Solomons

Less than three hours ago an earthquake centered near the Solomon Islands triggered tsunami alerts across many areas of the Pacific. The quake registered 6.9 magnitude. Authorities measure sea level readings and those readings indicate a tsunami was generated. However, with no destructive waves felt on coastlines within two hours of the expected arrival times […]