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Texas Continues to Burn, Mostly Out of Control

The out-of-control forest fires are close enough to Houston that we can smell the smoke (Bastrop State Park in the photo below is about 110 miles northwest of Houston). In Magnolia, a nearby and popular escape from urban Houston, thousands of acres have been consumed by fire. In the state’s capital, wildfires have forced thousands […]

Weird Drought Side-Effects; Share Your Observations, Too

From day to day throughout this now-historic south-central U.S. drought, the life and lifestyle of the average city-dweller hasn’t changed that much.  Certainly it’s more difficult for lower-income households that don’t have air-conditioning and I’m glad I no longer labor outside for a paycheck.  But for most of us, we still go about our everyday […]

Enjoying a Heavenly Big Sky Summer While Back Home It’s Hot As . . . Texas

This has been the hottest, driest summer in Houston since I’ve lived in Texas. Most of the state is in an exceptional drought, which is the most severe level. Not only are we dealing with the lack of rainfall but also the heat. Yes, summers are always hot in Texas but this year’s a little […]

Quiet in the Tropics? Bite Your Tongue!

Though it seems quiet, the ImpactWeather TropicsWatch team is keeping a watchful eye on four active disturbances and one suspect area on Africa’s West Coast. Additionally, areas like the eastern Caribbean, the western Tropical Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico are climatological hot spots for development, while the peak of hurricane season (September 10th) draws closer every day.

Red and Blue States – Not What You’d Expect This Time

Of course, it’s mid-July and everybody expects it to be warm. But not like this! Temperatures more common-place in Texas are spreading as far north as Canada. Though you can read about the “hot forecast” on many sources from The Weather Channel to CNN, ImpactWeather and YourWeatherBlog would like to take this opportunity to remind you to take care of yourself in this oppressive heat.

The Secret of a Successful Rain Dance? Timing, Timing, Timing. When WILL This Drought End?

Since February 1st, the Houston area – not to mention a grand swath of the south-central U.S. – has experienced one of the driest periods in recorded history and it looks like any change in the weather pattern will be slow to occur over the next month or two as strong upper-level high pressure remains over the area. The record dry spell is mainly being contributed to by a strong La Niña event (cold Pacific water) during the past winter into the spring. Even though La Niña is quickly dissipating, the residual effects of that weather pattern combined with very dry soil are enhancing the record-setting dry conditions over much of Texas.

Heat Burst Cooks Wichita The Other Night … But Just For a Few Minutes

The Earth’s atmosphere is a strange place. Imagine looking at Earth from a cold, lifeless rock in space and trying to figure out just what the heck was going on down there. Yes, other planets have atmospheres — extremely inhospitable, and likely just as strange — but Earth stands apart because it looks so inviting […]

Once Again, Disasterous Flooding Follows Drought

Once again, flooding follows decades of drought in China – with disastrous results.

Disturbance Brings Drought Relief? So Close, Yet So Far Away…

Yesterday, I was a little more optimistic that drought-stricken Texas would finally get some beneficial rain from Tropical Disturbance 5, but that doesn’t look to be the case any more. It’s so close, yet so far away! The heaviest showers look to remain well south of the area now. At least our friends in South […]

The New “Texas T” – Thunderstorms

As the magical pattern change takes shape, the forecast is more in focus yet the rain is by no means guaranteed. Wait — let me rephrase that: the rain for most is by no means guaranteed. It will rain in Texas — how much, when and exactly where remains in question.