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Why the Current California Rain is Not Helping the Drought Enough

What may be the best form of long-term drought relief is what is now falling in the higher elevations of California, even though its benefit may still be months from now: snow.

“The Lion King” was right: We are all connected in the great circle of…weather

In my opinion, The Lion King is arguably one of the best animated motion pictures (and Broadway plays) of all time. After many years of watching the Hamlet-based movie as a child and recently with my young niece, there are still life (and business) lessons to be learned. Whether it’s to be patient with a […]

The Drought of 2012 Just Getting Started, Explained With Empathy

I have tremendous empathy for the drought-stricken residents of the Midwest and Mississippi River Valley regions. It was only last year that so much of Texas, including my part of Texas (Houston), was experiencing the exact same thing: temperatures so hot it was literally dangerous to spend more then just a few minutes outside, air […]

Deadly Hazards – Unfortunate Drought Leftovers

I’ve been waiting most of the spring for the trails within Sam Houston National Forest to open. Unfortunately (until yesterday) nearly all the trails have been closed because of the potential for widespread falling trees and the deadly hazards they pose to anybody using the trail systems. Falling trees tend to hurt. And kill.

“Today in Weather History” Makes This Week Look Boring – Enjoy It While It Lasts

Apart from some chilly weather in the northern regions, we’re enjoying a relatively quiet week across the U.S. weather-wise and from coast to coast just about everyone I’ve asked has said they’re enjoying a break from the extremes.  Whatever the reason – and I chalk it up to rampantly improved technology and a 24-hour news […]

Foreshadow: Does Early Snow Equal More Snow More Often?

The buzz in my neighborhood, now that the Halloween candy stockpiles have lost their sparkle, is the coming winter weather. Houston is full of people just like me who are northern transplants down here who miss the snow and the cold, but are happy that — for the most part — a winter on the Gulf Coast is tame and fairly mild. Still, the possibility of snow sets this town in an uproar almost as much as the possibility of the Texans going to the Super Bowl. Could it be possible, because of last weekend’s early and record-breaking snowfall, North America has been primed for an unusually cold and snowy winter?

Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride: No Drought Relief From Latest Tropical System

Tropical Disturbance 50 is now about 655 miles southeast of Miami. It’s a new storm so data is limited at this time. It’s drifting northwest and its maximum sustained winds are 20 mph. That doesn’t sound like much, but there is some strengthening likely as we head into early next week. Strengthening, that is, to tropical storm force — not hurricane force. In other words, the perfect type of storm needed in Texas to begin chipping away at the 30+ inch rainfall deficit for places like Houston and Austin.

After A Painfully Record-Breaking Summer, Fall Colors Might Not Be As Pretty…

It was a long, hot summer here in Texas and I couldn’t be happier about the cooler weather finally settling in over the area. Technically, it’s not exactly cool weather per-se, but when temperatures go from being 10 degrees above average to about average for this time of year (in the mid 80’s for highs) […]

Strong Line of Thunderstorms Collides With Weather-Starved Pack of Meteorologists, Excited “Reportiness” Ensues

As I’ve often noted here, I’m not a meteorologist but I do have the relatively unique honor of working with a large collection of the world’s best forecasters seven days a week.  What’s most fun about it is when the group as a whole is directly and personally impacted by a severe weather event.  Because […]

Endless Summer FINALLY Drawing to a Close

The endless summer — 2011. It’s been a wild ride with earthquakes, floods, wildfires, drought and heat. It may be that despite all the weather features that grabbed the headlines this past summer, it will be the heat that is remembered for generations to come. And the drought. (Not to mention the dreadful spring season […]