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Warnings Can Only Do So Much; The Rest is Up to – Who?

Even the most accurate and reliable weather forecast or warning is useless if it falls on deaf ears or into still hands. Who can afford to take the chance that, with warning in hand, nothing will happen or that no action needs to be taken?

Red and Blue States – Not What You’d Expect This Time

Of course, it’s mid-July and everybody expects it to be warm. But not like this! Temperatures more common-place in Texas are spreading as far north as Canada. Though you can read about the “hot forecast” on many sources from The Weather Channel to CNN, ImpactWeather and YourWeatherBlog would like to take this opportunity to remind you to take care of yourself in this oppressive heat.

Another Icelandic Eruption in the Offing? It Depends

Katla erupts! Just as I was about to upload this post on Iceland’s Hekla Volcano, news of the latest eruption of the Katla Volcano landed in my Inbox. Timing is everything, as they say. Read more of the most recent Katla eruption, as well as the imminent eruption of Hekla.

Visiting The Home of The World’s Worst Weather

As it turns out, I was wrong in thinking that the world’s worst weather was 300 miles of pouring rain on I-81 in Tennessee while on a motorcycle trip last week. But at the time, it sure felt like it! It was raining so hard, even the truckers were pulling over. Actually, they had already […]

Disturbance Brings Drought Relief? So Close, Yet So Far Away…

Yesterday, I was a little more optimistic that drought-stricken Texas would finally get some beneficial rain from Tropical Disturbance 5, but that doesn’t look to be the case any more. It’s so close, yet so far away! The heaviest showers look to remain well south of the area now. At least our friends in South […]

While FEMA Responds to Quakes, the CDC Responds to Zombies

It’s true. Well, mostly — the quakes and zombies are not real, but the responses are, and that’s what’s key.

Where Do New Meteorologists Come From? Right Here.

Recently ImpactWeather had the opportunity to make a lasting impression on the 2nd graders at Settlers Way Elementary School in Sugar Land, Texas, southwest of Houston. We’re always looking for fun and educational ways to reach out to the next generation of scientists, and teachers and parents are always looking for ways to make their kids’ learning experience the best they can be. Occasionally, as was the case a couple of weeks ago, the planets align…and we end up with a bag of enthusiastic, handwritten Thank You letters in the mail.

The New “Texas T” – Thunderstorms

As the magical pattern change takes shape, the forecast is more in focus yet the rain is by no means guaranteed. Wait — let me rephrase that: the rain for most is by no means guaranteed. It will rain in Texas — how much, when and exactly where remains in question.

Historic Flooding Still Not on Everyone’s Radar

Historic flooding is expected to continue across the Middle and Lower Mississippi River Valley throughout the week and, in many cases, through the end of the month of May. River levels have crested in many areas along the Ohio River, but this surge of water will continue to spread southward with damaging floods expected to continue to impact many areas of western Tennessee, Arkansas, western Mississippi, and eastern Louisiana.

Rain in Drought Stricken Texas?

On the heels of yesterday’s blog post (Wednesday’s, too) about the flooding and the flooding-to-come for the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, comes this: Rain in southern Texas by mid-May. No fooling.