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The prescription for “alert fatigue”

Each year, we coastal dwellers enjoy the long days of summer in the beautiful paradise we call home. We let friends and relatives stay with us, and we beam over their jealousy – I mean their praise – of our proximity to such a wonderful beach locale. Before we allow our egos to swell too […]

StormReady Rocks Out with Linkin Park; What’s It Mean to You?

It’s clear that, at least for a moment, Linkin Park has stepped away from its other-worldly rock star status and have focused on how they can take responsibility for the safety of the people at their concerts. Concerts are a business and year after year it’s been proved that weather is the number one interruption to business.

Lessons on Static Electricity and Lightning. From the Top of a Thunderstorm. On A Motorcycle

Last week at this time I was on the top of Mt. Evans in Colorado and it was not a pleasant day. It was a great experience but it was stormy and cold, with rain, lightning and even graupel and, oh yeah — I was on my motorcycle with my wife Tonie as a passenger. […]

Deadly Hazards – Unfortunate Drought Leftovers

I’ve been waiting most of the spring for the trails within Sam Houston National Forest to open. Unfortunately (until yesterday) nearly all the trails have been closed because of the potential for widespread falling trees and the deadly hazards they pose to anybody using the trail systems. Falling trees tend to hurt. And kill.

90-Day Outlook: Big Bend Insight Into Big Drought

Having just returned from my annual motorcycle trip to the Big Bend region of Texas (Lajitas, Terlingua, Big Bend National Park and Ft. Davis), I couldn’t help but notice the conditions brought on by the exceptional drought that has been plaguing this area for so many seasons.

Where’s Winter? England, Italy and Denver, That’s Where

Nearly everybody on this side of the Atlantic is wondering where winter is. It’s February and areas that were under significant snow pack this time last year are experiencing snow-free roadways and minimal accumulations. Back in early January I blogged about the New England Pond Hockey Classic to be held this week on my beloved Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire if, I said, there was enough ice. Wishful thinking wasn’t enough as it turned out, and the Classic was moved to another lake. On top of all that, the furry forecaster in north central Pennsylvania saw his shadow yesterday, thereby declaring six more weeks of winter. Over the past 24 hours people from coast to coast are wondering, “Six more weeks of this? This isn’t winter!” Sure enough, winter in many areas of the U.S. seems to be on sabbatical — for now.

Too Many Weather-Related Plane Crashes

Sometimes you think it’s your imagination (“Is it my imagination, or have there been a lot of plane crashes recently?”), but that’s not the case this time. The crashes are all too real, and all too recent — and, it would seem, the crashes are weather-related.

Near-Miss Asteroid Will Outshine November Meteor Showers

November’s star-gazing is typically highlighted by the Leonid meteor shower, but the hard-core will no doubt scan for the Taurids, as well. Unfortunately, both showers will be hampered by strong moon illumination. But all is not lost! There’s a big, new player in town rocketing closer to Earth than anything of this size in the past 30 years – and we’ll see it next Tuesday.

Most Advanced Weather Satellite in History Reaching Orbit Today

Just a few hours ago (0948 UTC), 13 stories worth of Delta II rocket lifted the newest weather research satellite into polar orbit on a mission to provide the beginnings of the next generation of Earth observing and monitoring from space.

Hurricane Ike Still Stings 3 Years Later

On the 3rd floor, we had no such flooding concerns but the vibrations and the groaning of the building made us all wonder how much more it could stand. And the Melcher Building is a big building — we knew it could withstand a lot, but we all know hurricanes can bring out the best and worst in building design.