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Hurricane Forecasters Admit They Can’t Predict Hurricanes? Not Exactly

Manager of ImpactWeather’s TropicsWatch team and lead hurricane forecaster Chris Hebert weighs in on a story that’s been making the rounds for the last day or so . . . a story that needs to be corrected. There’s a story floating around the internet stating that seasonal hurricane forecasters Dr. Bill Gray and Dr. Phil […]

Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday Forecast…Should I Bundle Up or Take an Umbrella? Either Way I’m Heading Out!

There are so many things I love about the holidays and Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. Like most of you I enjoy spending time with family and friends, watching football and of course, eating until I’m about to pop. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving to me without two of my favorites, which are cornbread dressing […]

It’s the Salt’s Fault: Our Ever-Circulating Oceans

For the first time, thanks to the Aquarius instrument aboard an Argentinean satellite, a global perspective of the distribution of salt across the oceans is now available for analysis. With this data, a better understanding of ocean circulation patterns will lead to a better understanding of changing global climates.

Is the 2011 Hurricane Season Forecast a Bust?

Accosted is the wrong word, but on two occasions this past weekend “friends” of mind said something along these lines: “Hey, Weatherman! Where are all the hurricanes you and your ilk predicted.” I told them to go back to cutting the grass, but their curiosity isn’t unfounded.

Update on Hurricane Katia, Tropical Storm Lee [3-min video]

Perhaps the last video update from us about Tropical Storm Lee despite the incredible amount of rain expected over the central Gulf Coast.  ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Meteorologist weighs in along with details on some cooler weather.

30-Day Hurricane Outlook for September – Free 20-Min. Webinar On Wednesday

Next Thursday, September 1st at 10:30C, ImpactWeather will continue our 2011 series of informational webinars regarding the Atlantic hurricane season presented by ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Meteorologist Chris Hebert. Each month we continue to update you on the current trends and what we expect for the following several weeks as well as through the remainder of […]

Quiet in the Tropics? Bite Your Tongue!

Though it seems quiet, the ImpactWeather TropicsWatch team is keeping a watchful eye on four active disturbances and one suspect area on Africa’s West Coast. Additionally, areas like the eastern Caribbean, the western Tropical Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico are climatological hot spots for development, while the peak of hurricane season (September 10th) draws closer every day.

Don Changes Course – Still Expected on Mid-Texas Coast

ImpactWeather Sr. Meteorologist Chris Hebert details not only the storm track and intensity, but some of the conditions that will be experienced both onshore and offshore. ImpactWeather’s YouTube channel hosts this most recent video.

Gulf Disturbance Likely to be Upgraded to “Don” This Afternoon

An adjusted track forecast brings this tropical disturbance to the mid-Texas Coast by Friday evening. Uncertainty remains an issue with both the track forecast and the intensity forecast. Hurricane recon aircraft are onsite now and will provide more answers upon their return.

Last Chance to Register for the Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry

The 22nd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry is just five days away and – with nearly 300 attendees registered – available seats won’t be around much longer.  Take a look and register.  We’ve got an outstanding lineup this year and it’s our best group yet. (Yes, I say that every year.  Yes, it’s […]