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Dreaming of a white Christmas? You just might get your wish.

It’s (considered) the best time of the year when children and adults alike share in the wonderment of the season of giving. Sparkling lights glisten on giant Fir trees, while holiday crooners Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. play softly in the background. Tales of sugar plum fairies and The Night Before Christmas […]

Jack Frost Could Be Halloween’s New Villain

Halloween in America is a time to share our scariest, nail-biting tales or celebrate our favorite villains, such as the headless horseman, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and “Jason”. A new villain may also be among us this Halloween. He blows into town uninvited, freezing pipes, disrupting supply chains and wreaking havoc on everyone’s immune systems. […]

Not a Quiet Pattern: Weather in the U.S. Next Week Might Be Fairly Severe

There’s a flurry (forgive the pun) of activity in the ImpactWeather Operations Center this morning. First, there’s the discussion of a wintry mix of precipitation in Southeast Texas tonight. Granted, it’s the northern parts of Southeast Texas, but wintry precip is a big deal down here. Not only does it make travel conditions a nightmare (if it sticks) but it throws the general population into excitement-slash-panic mode. Not fun. Plus, it’s a real bear to forecast. And by that I mean that the conditions that bring about freezing precip are well-known, but actually getting those conditions is very tricky this close to the Gulf Coast and its moderating influence on the local air mass. It’s like the difference between a cupcake and a scone — substitute yeast instead of baking powder and the outcome may surprise you.

“Today in Weather History” Makes This Week Look Boring – Enjoy It While It Lasts

Apart from some chilly weather in the northern regions, we’re enjoying a relatively quiet week across the U.S. weather-wise and from coast to coast just about everyone I’ve asked has said they’re enjoying a break from the extremes.  Whatever the reason – and I chalk it up to rampantly improved technology and a 24-hour news […]

Who Can Expect A White Christmas…Or How About Just Unsettled Weather

It’s that time of year when everyone’s dreaming of a white Christmas but for those living across the Southern Rockies and Central/Southern Plains it looks like their wish will come true a bit earlier this year. A strong storm system lifting from the Desert Southwest into the Southern Plains today will bring moderate to heavy […]

Strong Low Pounding UK and Northwestern Europe – Blizzard and 100+ MPH Winds

Falling temperatures will bring more seasonal early December weather to the U.K. as a strong low pressure area moves through the United Kingdom and into the North Sea today and tomorrow bringing the threat of strong winds, heavy rain and some snow to the region. London today is experiencing high temperatures in the middle 40s F (7 C), while Glasgow will be slightly cooler. In Ireland, Dublin should peak in the lower 40s today and near 40 tomorrow, before rebounding into the upper 40s Monday.

March Goes Out Like a Lion

Significant snow, severe thunderstorms, even tornadoes are possible across the U.S. today and tomorrow. The next week and a half will include dramatic weather in many areas as cold air from the north collides with warm, humid air in the South.

From Severe Storms to a Blizzard…Here’s an Outlook for the Coming Days

Just when you’re looking forward to spring in a few weeks, the two four-letter words are mentioned again…cold and snow. Who’s tired of this winter weather? I bet most of you are raising your hands! Over the next 48 to 72 hours, the weather looks fairly quiet across the Lower 48 as mostly dry and […]

Winter Storm Chat Text Now Available

Nearly 6,000 folks joined us at Noon CST for an hour-long chat about the current SE TX / SW LA winter storm situation.  The chat was hosted by The Houston Chronicle‘s SciGuy Eric Berger.  You can read the full transcript of the accurate, informative and often humorous chat here.

Winter Wallop Happening Now

It’s all coming together in dramatic fashion today as record snowfall threatens not only such places as Chicago who are accustomed to heavy snowfall, but places like Houston and perhaps even Corpus Christi where measurable snowfall is a rarity. Accompanying the snow, strong winds and frigid temperatures where in the South especially, temperatures will not just dip low, they dip low and stay there for several days. Wind chill readings of -20 and colder will be common.