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Hot Time in the Summer: SouthPac Cyclones

  It’s almost impossible for a meteorologist to write about the tropics without mentioning El Niño and its worldwide effects. Here in the States we’re more conditioned to understand that an active El Niño this time of year brings enhanced rains and cooler temperatures to the southern United States. But what about elsewhere? “For every […]

Warping Heat Down Under

  It’s been a week of heat, wind and fire for areas of Australia. Cooler weather for the east coast over the past few days has followed a week of extreme heat in the Southeast, while a return to warmer-than-normal temperatures for many areas begins today. Fire Weather Warnings continue to be posted for areas […]

Hurricanes and the Calendar

  Though the six month Atlantic Hurricane Season ended 17 days ago, hurricanes and cyclones have little respect for the calendar. Even as Cyclone Laurence (photo) finally begins to weaken over the northwest coast of Australia (note the lack of organization with the clusters of thunderstorms) today, winds yesterday were in the 125mph category. Not […]