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Jupiter, the Moon, Aldebaran, an Eclipse and the ISS? It’s Not Too Late to See it All

Like last night, here’s what’s happening tonight: The nearly full moon will be in penumbral eclipse. The red giant star Aldebaran and Jupiter will be visible to the moon’s upper right. Additionally, Jupiter’s Galilean moons may be visible. Want more? The conjunction of Venus and Saturn will be visible, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning to view. And if that’s still not enough, there’s an opportunity to view the International Space Station as it slips quickly across the sky.

Supermoon Over Boston

Last Friday on YourWeatherBlog I talked about the supermoon we would see on Saturday (March 19th). I was disappointed this weekend when the clouds rolled in late Saturday afternoon/evening here in the Houston area which blocked my view of the moon. Needless to say, over on the East Coast they had the perfect weather conditions […]

Moon: Bigger and Brighter This Weekend? Here’s Why…

The moon will appear bigger and brighter this weekend so be on the lookout! On Saturday the super “perigee” moon (when the moon is the closest to the sun, roughly in an 18 year cycle) will rise in the east at sunset. It will look especially big at that time due to the “Moon illusion.” […]