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Hurricane Names Igor and Tomas Officially Retired

For those of us in the United States, the retiring of Igor and Tomas may seem a bit curious. After all, no storms struck the U.S. mainland last year and to most the season was considered a quiet one. Yet Igor, at one time a Category 4 storm, became the worst storm to ever hit Newfoundland, while Tomas caused more than $600 million in damage across the Caribbean.

2010 Hurricane Season Review: 10-Minute Video

The unusually busy and oddly behaved 2010 Atlantic Tropical Storm Season came to an official end last week.  ImpactWeather’s seasonal forecast was pretty much right on target but no one predicted an entire season that resulted in no direct hits on the U.S., especially considering that it was the third busiest season in recorded history.  In […]

Why did hurricanes spare U.S. this year?

The Houston Chronicle‘s SciGuy Eric Berger weighs in with how the U.S. mainland, for the most part, dodged any major blows from the tropics this year given the near-record number of storms.

Remember the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season?

About nine months ago the tropical experts at ImpactWeather were beginning to get a handle on what looked, at the time, to be a record-setting 2010 Atlantic Tropical Season. In fact, during the pre-season “HAPPs” (Hurricane Awareness and Preparedness Presentations) that we prepare each season for our clients, we mentioned the potential for the 2010 […]

Late Season Hurricane in the Gulf? No.

The seventeenth named storm of the 2010 hurricane season is now churning around in the western Caribbean Sea. Tropical Storm Richard is located about 150 miles east of Honduras with 40 mph winds. Satellite imagery indicates that Richard is becoming better organized today, as wind shear has decreased significantly during the past 24 hours. Question is, will Richard pose a serious threat to either the Bay of Campeche or the northern Gulf of Mexico?

Hurricane Season Still Underway with a Vengeance

The North Atlantic hurricane season doesn’t officially end until the last day of November so we still have about a month and a half to go. Right now, there are two disturbances we are watching. The first is Tropical Disturbance 64 in the western Caribbean. It’s moving very slowly to the east-northeast and is becoming […]

An Abrupt End to a Quiet Hurricane Season? Unfortunately, Neither

Full disclosure: once again, I’m not a meteorologist.  But I spend most of my waking hours with dozens of the industry’s best and the ones who focus on Atlantic tropical storms are by no means standing down for the season.  No doubt that for much of the country, autumn has arrived both exactly on time […]

Three’s a Charm

The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season, at least the second half of it, continues to remain active. Look no further than today’s satellite imagery to see Karl, Igor and Julia which are all classified as hurricanes. Three active storms at the same time is unusual, but not without precedent. Four active storms is another story! In […]

Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Like Our Hurricane Season Forecast; Rush Limbaugh’s Climatologist DOES

A funny thing happened on the radio yesterday. About halfway through Rush’s second hour on the air, he commenced to bemoaning the fear-mongering of the mainstream media with all of its doomsday predictions, including fears of spiraling gasoline costs and the forecast for a fairly busy 2010 hurricane season.  It was at this point that […]

It’s National Hurricane Awareness Week

Next Tuesday is June 1. A tumultuous date! Not only is it the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, but it’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary. Either way, June 1 brings a lot to the table for me each year. As I write myself a reminder to stop at the Hallmark store on the way […]