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ImpactWeather serves as the full-time weather department for hundreds of companies around the globe, enabling them to make the smartest business decisions possible when faced with weather-related challenges. As a result of our services, our clients can better protect their people, their assets, and their bottom line. We help our retail clients in being the last to close and first to open; our manufacturing clients manage their supply chain and business continuity; our petrochemical clients ensure operational continuity and personnel safety; and our healthcare clients maximize efficient care delivery before, during, and after severe weather events.

24-hour support is custom-configured for each client, including instant access to a team of highly specialized meteorologists who understand each client’s specific needs. As a StormGeo company, ImpactWeather has access to the best meteorological data in the industry.

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YourWeatherBlog Contributors


Dave Gorham

Dave Gorham

After U.S. Air Force Weather Observer and Forecaster Schools, Dave’s early weather career included supporting Air Force One and later Marine One at Camp David, becoming one of the few to directly support both Presidential aircraft. Other Air Force assignments placed him in Oklahoma as a weather radar expert and instructor and at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida in a tropical weather support role. Throughout, Dave’s primary duty was protecting resources with weather observations, alerts and forecasts, while providing aviation forecasts to almost every type of aircraft in the U.S. military. After the Air Force, Dave worked as an on-air television meteorologist Wichita Falls, Texas and for many years Dave was the morning meteorologist for Houston’s KUHF 88.7 FM. Today, Dave oversees the video department and produces daily weather videos while developing additional video product. He holds the AMS® Seal of Approval for Radio Weathercasting and is a member of the American Meteorological Society. Dave joined ImpactWeather in 2001.


Chris Hebert

With a B.S. in Meteorology from Texas A&M University and more than 30 years of forecasting experience, Chris is ImpactWeather’s lead hurricane forecaster. His duties at ImpactWeather, Inc. include leading the hurricane team year-round. Off-season, Chris manages product development. One of his main duties during the spring is traveling the country to speak about hurricanes at conventions, seminars and corporate meetings. Topics typically include hurricane structure, hurricane awareness/preparedness, hurricane forecasting and reviews of the previous hurricane season. Chris spent some of his earliest years in meteorology on the deep sea rigs off the coast of southern Argentina. Later, at Universal Weather and Aviation, he progressed into the shift supervisor position overseeing all weather product reaching Universal’s clientele. Chris is the co-creator of the Hurricane Severity Index and was one of the earliest members of ImpactWeather.

Fred Schmude


With meteorology specialties including hurricane forecasting, severe thunderstorms, winter weather monitoring and long-range monthly and seasonal forecasting,  Fred is a highly valued asset of ImpactWeather.  Fred holds a BS in Geology from Texas Tech University and a BS in Meteorology from Texas A&M and is ImpactWeather’s StormWatch Team Supervisor.  Fred joined ImpactWeather’s parent company as a meteorologist in 1990 and is an accomplished veteran speaker, presenter and webinar host on all types of meteorological topics.


Alison Svrcek

Alison Svrcek

Alison began her career with ImpactWeather following graduation from the University of Oklahoma with a B.S. in Meteorology. Before moving to an account manager position, Alison was a severe weather meteorologist and a valued member of ImpactWeather’s StormWatch team. Today, as ImpactWeather’s Business Continuity Specialist, Alison works closely with clients to determine their ideal course of action when faced with implementing business continuity plans during disruptive events such as landfalling hurricanes. Alison also manages ImpactWeather’s Hurricane Preparedness Program internally and externally. Her responsibilities include updating clients’ hurricane response plans and integrating ImpactWeather’s services such as Trigger Reports and Hurricane Timeline Tools into clients’ emergency response plans so that their employees may have the latest in preparedness strategies, actions and technology.

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