Hurricane Season Starts Today and You’re Not Ready

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Things everyone knows as of today:

  • It’s June 1st, the official start of the Atlantic tropical storm season.
  • We’ve already had two named tropical storms.
  • It’s predicted to be a ‘typical’ season with a typical number of named storms and maybe even somewhat fewer than usual.

Here’s the truth:  none of that matters.

We’ll always say the same thing over and over and over and over, and that’s that it’s just the one storm that matters.  Anecdotally if not scientifically – and I do so get to say things like this because I am not a meteorologist – so-called slow seasons haven’t been so great for a whole lot of people over the last century.  ‘Slow’ seasons have produced more than a few historically infamous hurricanes, including the massive storms of 1900, 1915 and 1935, Andrew, Alicia, Hugo and tropical storm Allison, which was so bad that it’s the only tropical storm ever to have its name retired by the World Meteorological Association.

And unless you’ve reviewed your checklist, go bag and ride-out supplies in the last couple of months, you really aren’t ready.  Take 5 minutes to review your checklist, take half an hour to evaluate your go bag and ride-out supplies and, if necessary, take two hours to go shopping today to replace batteries, restock expired food items and medications and to repair or exchange any damaged clothing or other materials. Just because your kit from last year is sealed in a cool, dry container, don’t assume it’s okay now – we share this planet with rats and mildew . . . and the curious kid or two who might occasionally raid the emergency rations.

Use the .pdf of the checklist and date reminder below to review and customize your list and then act on it.  I’ve written here many times that it’s a lot easier to weather the storm if you’re prepared than to endure it remembering what a schmuck you were for not taking a little extra time to prepare.  I’ve been down both roads; the former is much, much smoother.


Finally, do some research and check out what’s new out there that you might want to consider investing in for the sake of your survival . . .  or maybe even just a little extra post-disaster comfort and current peace of mind.


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