23rd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business & Industry: It’s All About Business Performance Enhancement

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As I’m starting to write this, I just realized that this year marks my 20th anniversary of involvement in producing ImpactWeather’s Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry.  Every year I say that this next one will be our best ever but trust me – it’s not like we set lower goals each year.  In fact, each year we’ve worked to make it even bolder and more comfortable, at nicer facilities with better food, more entertaining yet a genuinely productive use of your time . . . and always with top educational content the most important goal.

To say we have an impressive lineup this year is an understatement.   Simply put, this will be the most valuable gathering of business professionals in the entire U.S. who are concerned about the potential effects that a hurricane or tropical storm could have on their organizations . . . and exactly how they can better prepare for, manage and recover from such a threat.

This year it’s all about business case studies and lessons learned.  Go find out more and register.  We’ll see you May 23rd.

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