Optimizing Your Response to Bomb Threats and Workplace Violence – An ACP Webinar

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For more than a year now, ImpactWeather has been hosting a series of general business continuity and disaster preparedness webinars on behalf of the Association of Contingency Planners for its members and anyone else interested in topics associated with those subjects.  I’m proud to be associated with the series because they’re genuinely educational, usually only about 30 minutes long, free for anyone who wants to attend and, perhaps most importantly, they’re interesting.

Aside from all that, they serve an extremely valuable purpose.  As host of these webinars and therefore a de facto attendee of each presentation, I’ve learned about things I didn’t even know existed before.  Never mind my professional responsibility to engage in continual recurrent training, the knowledge I’ve gained from many of these webinars has added to my general skill set – handy stuff for someone who lives not only in hurricane country but also on Earth circa 2012 in general.  And I expect no less from the next installment, one that covers a topic we have no choice but to pay attention to in this day and age.  Here are the specifics:

Each day brings more media coverage of workplace violence.  It appears to be everywhere and on the increase and, as with any threat to the interruption of operations, it behooves us to at least be aware of options we can exercise in the event of such an attack on our own facilities and/or employees.  From bomb threats to active shooters, employee threats to hostage situations, we’ll touch on a variety of scenarios and what we can do to help better prepare should the threat arise.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be familiar with:

•         Various communication options
•         Ways to enhance employee awareness
•         In the moment – step one: don’t panic
•         Proper behavior relevant to police response
•         The aftermath – employee assistance

Specs:  Thursday, April 12th at 10:30CST / 11:30EST.  A 40-minute presentation with follow-up Q&A.  We’ll be taking questions live via chat; you can also submit questions ahead of time to frogers at impactweather.com.  There is no charge to attend and feel free to forward this to anyone you believe might benefit from attending.  Even if you think you might not be able to attend, go ahead and register so that you automatically receive a follow-up link with the presentation slide deck and a link to the recording of the webinar.

About the presenter:  Ed Schlichtenmyer is the Business Continuity Program Manager at ImpactWeather.  A veteran of a wide variety of disruption responses, Ed assists ImpactWeather clients in readiness activities that include planning, preparing, responding and recovering. He serves on both the Working Group and the Technical Committee for developing the ASIS Organizational Resiliency Maturity Model and has sat on ACP’s National Leadership Conference Committee.

Join us week after next and, again, feel free to share the invitation.  It’s not a topic that we like to think about but that’s all the more reason to attend.

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