Live, Coordinated Disaster Preparation Drills Right From Your Own Desktop (Oh, And They’re Free)

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Watch a 2-minute newscast segment about Formidable Footprint drills. Link opens to YouTube.

Formidable Footprint is conducting another series of preparation drills – one in a few weeks and the next one in April – covering earthquake, flood, wildfire, tornado, pandemic and hurricane possibilities.  The exercises are for business and organizations who want to both strengthen and test their disaster response capabilities and for that reason the group suggests a minimum of three participants from each organization participate.

Despite the fact that participants engage in the comprehensive exercises from the safety and convenience of their own desks, “Each scenario has a full exercise devoted to actions that need to be taken to reduce damage and loss of life and to assist in disaster response and recovery.”

And to top it off, participation in the exercises are free.  The next scheduled exercises  occur on March 31st for an earthquake scenario and on April 28th which is about flooding.  (The hurricane scenario exercise is the last currently scheduled, not until August 25th, and it strikes me a little odd that it’s so late in the season.  Maybe they know something we don’t.)

As described by the group, “This series of exercises serves as an opportunity for governmental agencies along with community and faith based organizations to assess their capability to prepare for, respond to and recover from a variety of natural disasters which affect communities and neighborhoods.”

For more information and to register for the exercises, visit the Formidable Footprint exercises website.

We’ve written about Formidable Footprint before – a worthwhile group doing great work.



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