In And Out of Drought – For Now, We’re OUT. Almost. (Next? Severe Springtime Weather . . . and then Hurricane Season)

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There’s a difference between saying the drought is done with and saying the drought will stay done with but for now it’s looking pretty good – knock on wood – especially in the areas hardest hit last year.  Current specifics are available here courtesy of Eric Berger, The Houston Chronicle’s SciGuy.

Most of south-central/southeast Texas and Louisiana are enjoying weeks of on-and-off but fairly steady rain.  In the southern half of the U.S., this winter has been an odd one with average temps warmer than normal, at least until we hit February during which we’re experiencing a compressed roller-coaster ride of what the entire winter is usually like in this region: one day it’s warm and rainy, the next it’s much cooler and dry.  Rinse.  Repeat.

I’ll take it.  Anything beats the non-stop roasting we got last summer.  The immediate threat, as mentioned in Eric’s article, is for flash flooding.  I wouldn’t have bet, even as soon past as Christmas, that we’d be under a more-or-less sustained flood watch by this point.

And we haven’t even started into the springtime severe weather season.

And after that?  In the longer term, meteorologists at ImpactWeather have been looking at the 2012 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season since about a week after the 2011 season ended last November 30th.  In general, it looks like it might be a “slow” season relative to the total number of named storms that form up.  In reality, reminds TropicsWatch Manager Chris Hebert . . . always . . . it’s never a slow season if the one storm hits you. (We’re constantly reminded of several dreadful cyclones that made landfall during so-called slow seasons:  Allison, Alicia, Andrew, Betsy, Audrey.)  We’ve scheduled the 23rd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry for May 23rd in Houston.  If you’d like a reminder when registration begins, email me at frogers at

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